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5 Reasons To Monitor Teen Driving With GPS

GPS Tracking Aids Teen Driving Safety

Being a parent is difficult. The moment a person becomes a father or mother their lives completely change. Priorities shift, stress about the unknown rises and safety becomes a top concern. This is the new normal for parents. Unfortunately, those fears are amplified when children become teens preparing to acquire a driver’s license because very few things are as dangerous as a novice motorist operating a hunk of steel weighing over a ton that can accelerate upwards of 100 mph. Teen driving safety is something that should be at the forefront of every parents’ concern because the cold hard facts show in sad detail that when a teen gets behind the wheel of a car their risk of accident or death skyrockets. So what is a parent supposed to do? How can a parent prevent their teenage son or daughter from becoming a statistic? The answer is GPS vehicle tracking and here are the top five reasons every parent should use GPS to observe teen driving activity.

1. Speed Kills

When it comes to operating a motor vehicle about the dumbest thing a teenager can do is drive fast. This is because when a teen driver travels at high rates of speed bad things happen. In fact, one study involving motorists 16-years of age showed that over one third of accidents those 16-year-olds were involved in was directly related to speeding. However, one of the most alarming points research also uncovered was that it’s not fear of death or an auto accident that concerns teen drivers but rather simply getting a speeding ticket. This is partly due to the invincibility complex commonly associated with teenagers. Knowing that when a teenager speeds they increase the likelihood of bad things happening the next logical question is how to prevent speeding from occurring. The answer is real-time GPS tracking speed alerts. Teen GPS trackers offer the ability for parents to program speed alerts so that the moment a teen driver begins operating a car at a rate of speed the parent has deemed unsafe an email/text message alert is instantly sent to that parent. The online GPS software also stores every instance the teen driver exceeded the safe rate of speed in a user-friendly report. This speed alert feature offered by real-time GPS trackers gives any concerned parent the ability to know if their teen is engaging in speeding the moment that behavior is exhibited. Having access to this data can be literally be life-saving and is by far the best reason a parent should use a GPS vehicle tracking device to monitor teen driving.

2. Find Where A Teen Is Going Anytime

Keeping tabs on what a teen is doing is more difficult now than ever before thanks in large part to cell phones, twitter, Facebook, snap chat and other social networking platforms. Getting a straight answer about where a teen has been or where they are going is simply that much more difficult and parents everywhere will attest to this. GPS vehicle tracking can help parents better stay in the know because the technology provides detailed reports showing the addresses a teen arrived at, departed from and the duration of time they were at each location. This allows parents to validate a teen went to the location they said they were going and can help parents more effectively observe what their teens are doing.

3. Peace Of Mind 24/7

Here is a scenario that happens in households across the country every single day. A parent wakes up around 11:00p.m on a Saturday evening and realizes that their teenager is not home yet. When they try and text the teen they get no response. Now the parent begins to feel a little panicked and stays up all night until their teen gets home. This scenario is common but completely avoidable thanks to the help of GPS car tracking devices that offer live locational updates on a automobile. Now let’s revisit the above mentioned scenario and add the wrinkle that the teen’s vehicle is equipped with a car GPS tracker. The parent wakes up at 11:00p.m. only to realize their teen is not home yet. After a text message is sent with no reply the parent uses their mobile phone to view the real-time location of their teen with the help of GPS tracking. The GPS tracking data shows the teen’s car is parked out in front of a friend’s house and has been at that location for 3 hours. Knowing who this friend is, the parent calls the house and learns that their teen’s cell phone battery died and that they were simply playing video games all night, losing track of the time. No reason for alarm and no reason to lose anymore sleep and that’s all thanks to GPS tracking.

4. Car Insurance

Car insurance for teen drivers can often times be costly. This is basically because inexperience behind the wheel combined with other risk behaviors commonly attributed to teens forces car insurance companies to be cautious. In fact, research has shown that if a teen driver gets a ticket for speeding 20mph above the speed limit they can expect to pay roughly $3000 more in premiums for auto insurance over the course of their teen driving history! And since many parents pay or contribute to cover the costs of auto insurance for their teens this is a very serious financial concern. GPS trackers can help reduce some of those concerns because parents can use the car tracking technology to monitor for poor driving behaviors like speeding. But another benefit is that real-time GPS trackers also enhance automotive security. This enhancement of vehicle security is often rewarded by some auto insurance companies by reduced car insurance rates. That means GPS tracking can help the parent/teen not only increase safe driving behaviors but also save money! High fives all around!

5. Eliminate Texting In The Car

When most parents think of GPS car tracking devices they likely think about real-time devices that provide speed alerts, location information and vehicle management data. Of course, that GPS tracking data is very helpful in enhancing teen driving safety, but what many parents are not aware of is that there are now GPS data loggers available that can also record the activity inside the can of a vehicle! This is because passive GPS devices are now engineered with car camera hardware that can observe the inside of a vehicle as well as the outside of a vehicle. With this type of vehicle monitoring technology a parent can easily determine if a teen driver is texting while driving, something that research shows can greatly increase the probability of a motor vehicle accident. “The two dumbest thing a teen driver can do is speed or text while driving and thankfully we now have the technology that allows parents to monitor both behaviors in one technological solution”, stated the President of GPS Tracker Shop. Parenting is tough and parenting teenagers can be very challenging at times, but with the assistance of GPS tracking technology parents can at least get a little more peace of mind while also boosting teen driving safety.

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