Activating SilverCloud GPS

Setting Up Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS trackers are the preferred type of monitoring solution among businesses wanting to oversee driving activity of employees and everyday parents looking for a tool to observe teenage driving activity. This is because GPS devices that provide live updates on automobile location can promote safety and security while reducing potential liabilities. Clearly, the market has spoken as it applies to demand for real-time GPS devices, but the tracker that has received some of the best reviews and online ratings is a system called SilverCloud GPS. Once a consumer purchases the popular SilverCloud GPS tracker what they will discover is that the device is not ready to begin providing live updates on vehicle location. This is because real-time GPS trackers use cellular technology in the transmission of data and therefore require the system to be activated. Many retail outlets and online stores typically don’t understand how live tracking works and will often struggle on the support side when it comes to a SilverCloud customer needing assistance. This is why it is recommended that those seeking to invest in GPS technology do so from a online store that specializes in location-based technologies. So a person has just purchased a SilverCloud real-time GPS tracker. The device is in their hands. What should they do next? The answer is simple: activate the tracker.

Activating SilverCloud GPS

The first thing a SilverCloud user needs to do when activating their real-time GPS tracker is find the unique serial number of the SilverCloud GPS. Next the user will go to the activation page which can be found here. From this activation page the SilverCloud user will select the data plan they want, input the serial number of the tracker device and finally enter all billing related information for the monthly data plan payments. Once this information has been entered the user will receive a confirmation email stating that the activation process has begun and should be completed within 24 hours. However, activation is often completed much sooner. If at any point a customer is having difficulty with the activation process don’t worry because help is available! Support agents are always available to assist those activating SilverCloud GPS trackers and can easily walk them through any challenges they may be experiencing or questions they have.

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