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School Bus GPS Tracking Should Be Mandatory

School buses have hardly been a good example of an efficient motor vehicle. Most school buses are loud, blow out thick black smoke from the exhaust, don’t offer seat belts and have horrible fuel efficiency. And yet these are the vehicles that we feel are the best for our tax dollars and children’s safety. Clearly, the modern day school bus has seen little innovative advancement in the past fifty years, but that could all change if school districts began requiring that bus GPS tracker devices be equipped on all passenger buses transporting students. Gas prices have skyrocketed and won’t be heading south anytime in the short, immediate or distant future. This is a huge concern for not only everyday drivers but also taxpayers left with the burden of paying for fuel consumption of school district vehicles such as school buses. Obviously, the best solution would be the development of smart buses capable of running directly off of electricity or some form of hybrid technology, but this is not going to happen anytime soon. Therefore, GPS tracking devices should be used instead, but not just for reducing fuel consumption but also improving route selection, driver efficiency and student safety.

How GPS Trackers Can Improve School Bus Operation

Detect excessive vehicle idling Make certain drivers are making all stops Alert school officials if bus drivers are speeding Determine if shortest routes are being utilized

Real-time tracking devices can eliminate excessive fuel consumption caused from poor route selection or vehicle idling, but most importantly they can improve student passenger safety by monitoring bus driver speeds. Operating any motor vehicle at a high rate of speed increases the possibility of an accident. Simply put, speeding can have very serious consequences. GPS tracking devices provide the solution to making sure bus drivers don’t engage in unsafe driving practices such as speeding by documenting how fast a driver is operating a bus every few seconds. In fact, school officials can program speed alerts so they can be notified if a bus driver is going too fast. This gets bad bus drivers off the streets and student passengers more safe. School buses need to be modernized. There is no denying that the standard school bus is far beyond out-dated. But until smart buses debut, GPS vehicle locators can at least make sure buses in the road are operating safely and as efficiently as they possibly can.

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