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Paramedics and other first responders truly are artists in ambulances. These are the special individuals who come to our aid in trying moments and other emergency situations. They are literally lifesavers. Although these men and women whose occupation it is to help and care for those in emergencies have a very meaningful purpose in life, they require the best technological tools available on the market in order to be as efficient as possible. In the medical business, efficiency means everything because it can actually result in a person living or dying. With so much on the line, ambulance drivers, hospitals, and other medical personnel have been calling upon real-time GPS tracker devices to more effectively route and monitor ambulances and other mobile assets of hospitals.

Best GPS Tracker For Ambulances 2024

OBD2 Tracker

  • Know Where Your Ambulance Fleet Is 24/7
  • Real Time Updates Every 3 Seconds (Fastest On The Market)
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees For One Year
  • Improve Operations & Save More Lives


Connect is the first and only live GPS vehicle tracking device designed specifically for ambulance management. This real time GPS easily plugs into the OBD2 port of any ambulance which means it requires no professional installation! Connect GPS provides unlimited updates every 3 seconds, gives you lifetime access to historical driving activity, and comes with a full year of real time tracking updates with no monthly subscription fees! 


8 Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Ambulances 

  1. Improve EMS response times with real-time tracking and optimized routing.
  2. Ensure the closest ambulance responds to emergency calls with GPS vehicle tracking devices.
  3. Monitor and manage maintenance schedules and fuel costs, reducing downtime and expenses.
  4. Allow for effective tracking of ambulances carrying medical equipment with ambulance tracking systems.
  5. Reduce fuel costs and improve fleet performance with GPS fleet management software.
  6. Provide real-time location data, optimizing routes and improving response times.
  7. Increase emergency response efficiency with ambulance GPS tracking solutions.
  8. Ensure patient safety and fast medical care with GPS tracking of ambulance vehicles and drivers.

Ambulance Tracking App – How GPS Tracking Improves Safety For Ambulance Transport

Dispatchers in charge of overseeing fleet tracking activity of ambulances must make quick decisions when routing emergency services to the scene of an accident or other dangerous situation. They need to take every step to ensure the closest medical service vehicles are arriving at the scene of any incident in the quickest time possible, and that those vehicles choose the shortest routes possible. This is where ambulance GPS vehicle trackers are providing assistance.

By equipping a live GPS tracker on an ambulance as a vehicle management solution, ambulance companies, and hospital dispatchers can have total oversight of ambulance fleet activity. This allows the dispatcher or company to view where every single ambulance is located in real-time, while also giving the fleet supervisors the option to go back and review historical driving routes at any time. This is because real-time GPS trackers for ambulances give the end-user lifetime access to past driving routes. With this lifetime access to past driving records, fleet managers can view where an ambulance was earlier in the day, last week, last month, a year ago, or even longer. The ambulance GPS tracker data is securely housed on company servers where the company can retrieve the historical driving activity at any time. However, one of the best parts about real time trackers for ambulances is that they could allow concerned families to follow patients being transported in emergency service vehicles. This would be done using a free ambulance tracking app.

In a life-threatening situation, there is nothing more important than getting the appropriate medical attention from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. Ambulance GPS trackers are helping decrease arrival times and thereby help save lives. That is something everyone can get on board with.

Learn more about the smallest GPS tracking systems for ambulance vehicle management!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can GPS Tracking Improve Ambulance Response Times?

GPS tracking enables fast and efficient routing, leading to improved response times. Ambulance GPS tracking systems can also enhance EMS management by providing real-time location data for fleet optimization and improved maintenance schedules.

Are There Other Benefits Of GPS Tracking For EMS Management Beyond Location Tracking?

Yes, GPS tracking offers numerous benefits for EMS management, such as driver management, temperature monitoring, and dash cams for driver safety. Real-time tracking allows for fleet performance optimization and reduces fuel costs.

Can GPS Tracking Be Used For Other Vehicles Besides Ambulances?

Yes, GPS tracking is applicable for various vehicles, including public transport, truck fleets, boats, and personal tracking. Asset tracking systems also enable temperature monitoring and location tracking for goods transportation.

Can GPS Tracking Improve Emergency Medical Response Beyond Ambulances?

Yes, GPS tracking can enhance emergency medical response beyond ambulances. Real-time GPS tracking can monitor the location and performance of other emergency vehicles, such as police and fire trucks, ensuring the closest emergency vehicle is dispatched.

What Additional Features Do GPS Tracking Systems Offer For Ambulances?

GPS tracking systems offer numerous features, such as driver management, fuel tax, and maintenance schedules, improving fleet performance. GPS fleet management software includes ROI calculators for performance optimization.

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