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New App Freezes Teen Cell Phone Activity

Parents know that having a teenage son or daughter can be quite the pain in the rear at times. This is because teens typically think they know it all, believing all parents mostly do is nag and interfere. Teens turn a blind eye to so many things including the stats that show dangers associated with inexperience behind the wheel and phone calls from parents concerned about the whereabouts of those teens. However, teens may no longer be able to turn a blind eye to parents if a new mobile app called “Ignore No More” catches on among moms and dads.

“Ignore No More” was a mobile application designed by a parent who was basically sick and tired of getting a cold shoulder from her teens. The Texas mother named Sharon Standifird would get very annoyed when she would try and communicate with her children only to have the teenagers ignore her repeated phone calls and text messages while they were out having fun with friends. The Texas mother explained that she was not trying to spy on her kids but rather looking for a simple phone call or text message to reassure her that the teens were okay. However, she quickly realized that her kids were either too lazy or simply intentionally ignoring her messages. That was when she decided to develop “Ignore No More” as a way to essentially eliminate all activities on a teenager’s cell phone if the parent chooses to do so (The mobile phone would still have the ability to make emergency phone calls even with the app activated).

What the “Ignore No More” mobile app will provide is a way for parents to stop a teen from contacting friends or playing games with their mobile device. However, one of the coolest features is that the “Ignore No More” app cannot be deactivated remotely. That means a teen must bring their mobile phone to their parent in order to get their cell phone functioning normally again! “The thing that we love so much about this app, that really is essentially designed for enhancing teen safety, is that once activated the teen can only use their mobile phone for two purposes: to place a phone call to the parent or to police”, explained a GPS teen tracking expert for GPS Tracker Shop. That means the teen cannot call their friends, play their little mobile phone games, or what is the real inconvenience for teens: send text messages to their friends. This parental control will certainly help shape appropriate teen behavior, resulting in the teen knowing the best thing they can possibly do is respond to a parent as soon as possible if that parent call or texts them.

The “Ignore No More” mobile app is currently available for purchase at the Google Play store for $1.99 and is highly recommended by our security editors for any parent looking to regain control of their teenage sons or daughters mobile phone activity.

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