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Nathan Cohen

Tech Writer
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Nathan Cohen

VP Marketing | Tech Writer at GPS Tracker Shop

Nathan Cohen is a technical writer focused on topics related to security and surveillance. In addition to providing readers with insightful articles, he also excels as one of the top sales associates at GPS Tracker Shop, guiding customers through their purchase decisions.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Business Administration, Nathan has applied his academic knowledge in real-world fleet management scenarios. His expertise has enabled companies to craft effective vehicle management strategies, reducing fuel consumption, ensuring asset protection, and minimizing potential liabilities.

Outside of work, Nathan’s interests are varied. He regularly takes to the trails of Northern California, cycling and embracing the serenity the region offers. Sudoku puzzles serve as a mental challenge during his downtime, reflecting his love for problem-solving.

Coffee, however, holds a special place among Nathan’s interests. More than a beverage, it’s a passion. He invests time in understanding its various nuances, from beans’ origins to brewing techniques, making every cup an experience.

With a perfect blend of expertise in security and surveillance and his personal pursuits, Nathan’s contributions to the GPS Tracker Shop are both informative and relatable, ensuring readers and customers are well-informed and satisfied.

Tech Writer
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Nathan Cohen

VP Marketing | Tech Writer at GPS Tracker Shop

Nathan Cohen is a technical writer specializing in security and surveillance topics at GPS Tracker Shop. Additionally, as a top sales associate, he assists customers in their GPS selections. An alumnus of UC Berkeley with a background in Business Administration, Nathan seamlessly integrates academic knowledge with hands-on experience. Outside work, he’s an avid cyclist, Sudoku enthusiast, and passionate coffee explorer.

Nathan Cohen's Posts

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Best GPS Tracker Detector

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