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Geofencing GPS Tracker – Best For Setting Virtual Boundaries

Imagine your company’s fleet of vehicles crisscrossing the city, each loaded with valuable assets. You’re constantly monitoring, always aware, yet concerned. Could there be a way to draw invisible boundaries around specific areas, and know the instant a vehicle crosses that line? The answer is yes, and the solution is a feature found in many GPS tracking devices called geofencing. With a geofencing GPS tracker, your business can define these boundaries, receive real-time alerts, and maintain control over mobile assets that keep your operation running smoothly. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best geofencing GPS trackers, ensuring safety and efficiency in managing your mobile assets. Let’s go!

SpaceHawk – Best Overall Geofencing GPS

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Looking for the best Geofencing GPS tracker for your business needs? Consider SpaceHawk, our top recommendation among strong contenders like SpyTec GL300, Vyncs GPS, and Invoxia. Yes, this tracker is an absolute beast, and easily the best geofencing GPS. Oh, and did we mention the tracking system is less than $100? Yes, SpaceHawk truly has it all for businesses looking to secretly track company assets. Here’s what makes SpaceHawk the superior choice:

Key Features:

  • Mobile App Accessibility. Enjoy fleet management tools such as speed alerts and geofence alerts on both iPhone and Android.
  • Real-Time Tracking. View the location of your vehicles in real-time using the SpaceHawk GPS app as fast as every 3 seconds.
  • Mini GPS. SpaceHawk is one of the smallest GPS trackers on the market.

But that’s not all. SpaceHawk goes beyond these essential features to ensure a comprehensive and efficient tracking solution. Concerned about over-speeding? You can set up speed alerts to monitor your fleet. Want to know where your vehicles have been? SpaceHawk provides lifetime access to location history, allowing you to analyze their routes!

Moreover, SpaceHawk enables you to generate various reports, such as idling time, distance traveled, and more. These insights will help you in optimizing your fleet management and increasing productivity.

Durability is another standout aspect of SpaceHawk. It’s not just 100% waterproof but also designed with a waterproof magnetic mount, making it resilient against weather conditions. The web platform that comes with SpaceHawk lets you track multiple vehicles simultaneously and run detailed reports, giving you a unified control center for your fleet.

Facing any technical difficulties? Don’t worry; free technical support is available seven days a week to assist you with setting up geofences or any GPS-related concerns. Choose SpaceHawk, and you’re not just choosing a device but a comprehensive tracking solution that prioritizes real-time monitoring, ease of use, and robust support.

Spark Nano 7 – Portable Geofencing GPS With Extended Battery Pack



Are you a business owner striving to protect valuable assets like excavators, skid steers, and other construction equipment at various job sites? Then you understand the advantage of geofencing and the importance of a robust tracking solution. GPS asset tracking with limited battery life can be a concern, especially when you need real-time monitoring. Spark Nano 7, with an extended battery, is here to resolve this challenge.

Why Spark Nano 7 Stands Out:

  • Extended Battery Life. With the longest battery life in the market, Spark Nano 7 offers over 140 hours of real-time GPS tracking, enhancing fleet maintenance.
  • Compact and Discreet. Ideal for company vehicles and equipment, its small size ensures discreet monitoring without compromising security.
  • Weatherproof. Built to withstand harsh conditions, it’s perfect for outdoor assets, providing a virtual fence for your geographic boundary.

But there’s more. Spark Nano 7’s coverage spans across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With this GPS tracking software, monitor geofences and receive push notifications if a device enters or exits those areas.

Multiple geofences and alerts let you personalize notifications for low battery, virtual borders, or high-speed alerts. Its fleet tracking capabilities ensure supply chain visibility and increased productivity.

Plus, the web-based platform of Spark Nano 7 integrates with Google Maps, allowing you to track multiple devices at once. Its fleet management software is a comprehensive solution for all your tracking needs.

Family 1st – Top Selling Geofencing GPS Tracker On Amazon



When safeguarding valuable construction assets like excavators and skid steers, GPS tracking solutions come into play. Family1st GPS, available on Amazon, offers some basic features for asset management but is overshadowed by other solutions, such as SpaceHawk.

Key Features of Family1st GPS:

  • Real-time tracking. Track the location of your construction equipment in real-time, a standard feature.
  • Geofencing. Set virtual boundaries around specific locations and receive notifications when a device enters or exits.
  • Low battery alerts. Receive an alert when the device’s battery is low, a common function.
    Additional Information:

Family1st GPS also includes speed alerts, history functions, an SOS button, multiple user tracking, and a web-based platform. These features may cater to some needs, but they are not unique in the GPS tracking market.

Tracki – Cheapest GPS With Geofencing Feature



If you’re in the business of asset tracking and vehicle tracking, and looking for an affordable solution, Tracki GPS might catch your interest. Being one of the top-selling GPS products on Amazon, it is an Amazon-verified choice with some notable features, all at a cost under $20.

Key Features:

  • Real-time tracking. Tracki lets you see the location of devices in real time through the Tracki GPS app.
  • Cost. Tracki stands as one of the cheapest options on the market, with a price tag of less than $20.

Along with these features, Tracki offers speed alerts, allowing you to monitor if a vehicle is moving over a certain speed. There’s also a history function to view where the device has been and for how long. Being small and discreet, it can be attached to vehicles, assets, or even personal belongings.

While the price is certainly appealing, it’s essential to weigh these features against your specific needs. The geofencing and real-time tracking functions are standard, but they might be sufficient for basic tracking needs.

Compared to other tracking solutions, Tracki offers a budget-friendly option. But you may find other devices with more advanced features or better integration with fleet management software, depending on what you require.

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Implementing Geofencing for Asset and Vehicle Tracking: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Define Your Geofence Boundary: Identify the geographical area you want to monitor, such as a warehouse or job site.
  2. Choose the Appropriate Technology: Select GPS or RFID technology that suits your tracking needs, and ensure compatibility with your existing systems.
  3. Install Tracking Devices: Attach GPS devices to the assets or vehicles you want to track, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  4. Set Up Virtual Boundaries: Use mapping software to create virtual fences around the defined area, inputting specific coordinates.
  5. Configure Alerts and Notifications: Determine what actions or notifications should occur when a device enters or exits the geofence.
  6. Integrate with Tracking Software: Connect the geofence system with your fleet or asset management software, enabling real-time monitoring.
  7. Monitor and Manage: Regularly review geofence reports and alerts, adjusting boundaries or rules as necessary to optimize performance.
  8. Analyze and Optimize: Utilize gathered data to identify trends, make informed decisions, and enhance overall efficiency.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize geofencing technology to monitor and secure your company’s vehicles and assets. The precision and adaptability of this system offer unparalleled control and insight, essential for modern business operations.

Geofencing GPS Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Geofencing GPS Trackers Work?

Geofencing GPS trackers work by defining a virtual boundary or geographic location using GPS software. When a device, such as a company vehicle, enters or exits this boundary, real-time alerts are sent. This tracking technology integrates with navigation systems and utilizes cellular data to monitor and control assets within specific geographic areas, making fleet management easier. Google Maps is a common interface used with tracking solutions, enhancing user experience.

What Are the Benefits of Geofencing for Fleet Management?

Geofencing aids fleet managers in asset tracking and helps increase productivity. By using GPS tracking devices and fleet tracking software, you can set up geofences around job sites, optimize your fleet, and have visibility over supply chain activities. Real-time data helps in driver management, and some solutions even integrate with dash cams for added security. Want to take advantage of geofencing?

Are There Limitations to Geofencing GPS Technology?

Yes, there are limitations. Battery life of GPS trackers and data usage can be concerning. The accuracy of the virtual fence also depends on the GPS software and the quality of the cellular data connection. Setting up multiple geofences may require careful planning and can be time-consuming. Still, for many fleet managers, the pros and cons weigh heavily in favor of this advanced tracking solution.

Can Geofencing Help Prevent Car Theft and Secure Assets?

Yes, it’s highly effective in these areas! By using GPS tracking and setting specific geographic boundaries, car GPS trackers alert you when a vehicle enters or exits the designated area. This real-time information is vital in law enforcement and vehicle tracking. Security cameras and GPS asset tracking can be integrated for added protection. Worried about theft? Geofencing GPS tracking might be the answer to securing your valuable assets!

Can Geofencing Be Utilized for Other Purposes Such as Marketing or Home Automation?

Absolutely! Beyond fleet maintenance and vehicle tracking, geofencing has broader applications. It’s used in targeted advertising, where businesses can send notifications to mobile devices when a potential customer enters a defined area. Also, in smart homes, geofencing can control home automation systems based on your geographic location.

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