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Best GPS Devices For Farm Equipment

GPS For Farm Equipment


GPS Tracker For Farm Equipment

When GPS tracking emerged in the mid-90s onto farms, the application was limited: yield mapping for crops. Now about 15 years later, this technology has made significant in-roads into the way crops are planted which enhances crop yields even further.

To wit, implement manufacturers are now including the wiring and mounting spaces for GPS trackers that are built specifically to hold these units. Also, these units are performing important functions in the planting process that adds specificity heretofore not enjoyed by the farming community.

A Different Kind of GPS

Not your average off-the-shelf GPS tracking devices, these units perform specific functions in the tilling, planting and harvesting of crops. The key in all of this is in the minute detail and control that is possible.

GPS trackers work with tractors to control steering and plant density in the planting process. The steering control allows tillage, planting and harvesting to be performed on the identical path through a given field. What this means is that greater control and accuracy allows farmers to conserve fuel. Also, the planting density allows them to extend yields and get more out of each acre of ground.

Another important feature is called row command. This allows rows to be placed according to the mapping of a field with high precision so that there is no overlapping and waste of seed.

GPS Benefits for Farmers

All of this comes down to these very important principles: fuel savings, lower seed waste, reduced hours on equipment, reduced man hours (takes less time) which results in less stress in the complete process on each field.

This is what is known as precision farming and it comes with a hefty price tag which is based upon the accuracy of the planting system. The lower accuracy costs the least – about $10,000 for down to 10 inch accuracy, about $16,000 for 4 inch and $20,000 for accuracy down to the one inch level.

An Investment Worth Making

But dealers point out that there is a return on this investment in the ways mentioned above. Plus, equipment that is outfitted with these devices sells for higher prices on the used market.

Farmers must view this as an investment in their farming operations that will help them increase their income from the additional accuracy afforded to them.

Important in this process is the continuous capturing of data from the fields. This takes years of mapping during each growing cycle. As this data is compiled, it is used to make small adjustments which bring larger profits. The adjustments come in the form of planting rates, fertilization application including spray programs.

Repeatability and consistency are proving to be very important components to improving farming operations profitability. GPS tracking has many uses now and will continue to make its presence known in the coming years in the agriculture industry. However, the solution often described as “The Best GPS Tracker For Farm Equipment” is nothing more than a simple live tracker that records activity while providing theft-security.

GPS Tracking For The World 

The connection to the rest of us is that GPS monitoring devices are having an impact in our world in a myriad of ways. From the food that ends up on our tables, to the assets that we track, we are being made aware of their presence and benefits.

Personal GPS Tracking

The use of personal tracking devices to help watch those who need extra assistance is of great value. This is especially true for those who are aged and might be experiencing issues with Alzheimer’s or other dementia related illnesses. Also, watching vehicles and other outdoor recreational equipment gives us a certain amount of peace of mind that should they become stolen, there is a greater chance to get them back in a more timely manner.

Business Tracking

The tracking of business assets is the biggest use which provides the most impact on profitability.

Law Enforcement Tracking

The use of GPS tracking for law enforcement purposes is gaining every day. From tracking suspects to tracking those who have been convicted and are sentenced to wearing these devices, they are also on the increase in usage.

The markets for GPS tracking are growing all of the time. Those who choose to use these devices benefit in ways that are having major impact on their lives. And, it’s not about to change any time soon.