Bicycle GPS Tracker Device

Recording Bike Routes With GPS

In the Southern California city of Murrieta, many people choose to get their exercise through riding mountain bikes. With the temperatures being ideal nearly all year long, and various trails located throughout the region, choosing to mountain bike over paying for a gym membership only makes sense. With so many people now familiar with mapping programs such as Google Earth, mountain bikers everywhere have begun using GPS data loggers to record their biking travel history. That is why the GPS Tracker Shop fleet tracking specialists decided to provide information on the most popular passive tracker among mountain bikers in Murrieta, GPS Tracking Key Pro. Riding a mountain bike can be great for relaxation or exercise, and that is why so many people pick-up the outdoor hobby. However, once riders begin to advance and strengthen their biking skills, many choose to invest in a device capable of recording their biking adventures. This is why so many mountain bikers have been purchasing GPS trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key Pro. Originally designed for vehicle tracking applications, the GPS Tracking Key Pro has become popular among mountain bikers because of the compact size of the device, second-by-second GPS tracking positional updating and relatively cheap cost. The device can easily and comfortably rest in a pocket, or magnetically attach to the cyclist’s mountain bike. After the mountain biker returns home from their ride, they simply need to connect the tracker device to a personal computer using a USB cable (USB cable comes with GPS device). Once the GPS tracker data is downloaded it can then be displayed in a simple to analyze format using Google Earth, giving the mountain biker amazing satellite image and three dimensional methods of viewing biking adventures. Cycling and mountain bike riding is certainly an excellent way to stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors or simply relax. No Monthly Fee GPS tracking is now adding to that experience by providing bike riders an easy way to calculate miles traveled, speed and a variety of other data related to cycling adventures!

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