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Bitcoin Now Accepted At Online Store

GPS Tracker Shop To Accept Bitcoin

By now most people have heard of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In fact, most people probably heard about digital gold when the price absolutely skyrocketed in late 2017 all the way to the price of nearly $20k per Bitcoin. Well, the meteoric rise of Bitcoin was quickly met with a 7-month bear market, but those tough times for the cryptocurrency now appear over. This is because the price of Bitcoin is now above the $7000 price, and more and more online retailers are beginning to accept BTC as payment for goods and services. GPS Tracker Shop is one of those online retailers who are proud to announce that they will be accepting Bitcoin as payment for anyone interested in purchasing GPS tracker devices!

Pay With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has many advantages 0ver payments made via PayPal or credit card that can benefit both consumers and businesses. One of the first and most obvious is the fees associated with using credit cards to make purchases. Credit cards charge consumers interest and often times have annual fees as well. They also do not give the business many protections and force those businesses to work with payment processors. Basically, there are a lot of hands in the pot taking from both consumers and businesses which really makes no sense when a peer-to-peer digital option is available. That is exactly what Bitcoin is: a peer-to-peer digital currency that acts like cash while providing anonymity. Businesses are recognizing the benefit of accepting Bitcoin and consumers are as well, and the technical analysis supports that (see chart below). In fact, the weekly charts are about to turn into a buy which means that there really is no better time for businesses to start accepting Bitcoin and consumers to start using the digital cash for making purchases!

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GPS Tracker Shop

Being at the forefront of technology products, GPS Tracker Shop has always sought to work with the best companies producing the most sophisticated GPS car trackers. That also means working with companies creating cutting-edge technologies and breaking the norms in order to move society forward. With that type of thinking in mind, it is easy to see why the GPS tracking company would have an interest in Bitcoin as it now seems evident that all currency will eventually become digital and Bitcoin is the first mover. Bitcoin most likely will not be the final answer to digital peer-to-peer payments, but the cryptocurrency will most certainly have a powerful position in the market. Bitcoin could very well take the place of gold which is a multi-trillion dollar market. Given that the Bitcoin market cap of $125 billion, it is easy to see that the cryptocurrency could skyrocket.

Those interested in purchasing GPS trackers with Bitcoin can contact a GPS Tracker Shop sales associate for more details.

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