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Monitoring Marine Vessels With Live GPS Tracking

Southern California is home to a large number of boating enthusiasts that spend their time enjoying blue skies, sunshine and cool ocean air. Although the boating experience can alleviate the burden and everyday worries, vessel owners are always concerned about safeguarding their boats from theft and misuse. In an effort to combat theft and misuse of marine assets, many boat owners in Marina Del Rey have been turning to GPS trackers to provide an additional layer of security.

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GPS Tracking Provides Boat Security

Real-time GPS tracking devices have commonly been used for applications related to auto-theft recovery, teen driving safety and business vehicle/fleet management. However, as the cost of real-time GPS trackers has slipped due to more market competition, more and more unique applications for the surveillance technology have been springing up all throughout the globe, including boat tracking.

Boat tracking essentially refers to the use of satellite technology to monitor marine vessels in real-time. A simple breakdown of how GPS tracking for boats is applied starts with the boat owner putting a live GPS tracker upon the boat they wish to observe. With the live GPS tracking device recording position and transmitting locational data, the boat owner can then pick up their cell phone, tablet or hop on a computer to see where the boat is located 24/7.

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Most GPS tracking systems for purchase among families and companies, including those commonly used for boat tracking, call upon a technology known as A-GPS. What this basically means is that the GPS tracker will acquire signals from satellites orbiting the Earth, and then send that positional data with the help of cellular communications. Basically, the GPS tracker will require the presence of a wireless provider such as AT&T in order to complete data transfer. Although this may initially sound like a deal-breaker for those wanting to protect marine vessels because cellular service doesn’t exist in the middle of the ocean, the real-time GPS trackers can still provide a wealth of important data.

It is also important for boat owners to recognize that GPS tracking technology can still have some limitations. Especially, if the boat is operated will be outside of cellular coverage. In those cases, the boat owners should research GPS satellite uplink solutions.

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