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GPS Tracker Critical In Boston Arson Case

Boston police investigators knew they had a serious problem on their hands when a string of fires throughout South Boston literally left buildings crumbled to ashes. Connecting the fires to one serial arsonist would be difficult due to the extensive range of where the abandoned building fires were taking place all over city suburbs, but one piece of evidence kept on popping up at each scene. The smoldering remnants of fire-starting logs were found at the scene of each abandoned building fire, leading the investigation teams to believe the culprit was indeed one sadistic man. What happened next was the launch of one the cities biggest arson investigations in history that would eventually lead to the arrest of man and his stepson.

The man investigators arrested on suspicion of committing nearly 30 fires is an individual by the name of Mark Sargent. Jean-marie Louis, Sargent’s stepson, was also charged with being involved in one particular fire in the Bridgewater area. Investigators said they were still questioning the stepson to determine how deep his involvement was in the string of arsons and what roles he may have played in those fires. According to police, Sargent is fighting the charges against him.

Neighbors Talk About Sargent’s Behavior

A writer for the Boston Globe spoke with one of Sargent’s neighbors, a man by the name of Randy Gould, to get a pulse on how the arson suspect behaved in every day life. Gould explained that for the most part Sargent kept to himself, but that he would put on an annual Fourth of July fireworks display that all the neighbors would enjoy. Gould mentioned that the firework show was rather impressive, lasting at least a couple hours and likely costing over a thousand dollars to put on. Gould also stated that Sargent never exhibited any type of behavior that would lead the neighbors to believe he was capable of such destructive acts. Although neighbors are still experiencing shock over the revelations, firefighters are ready breathing a sigh of relief over the apprehension of Sargent. This is because fires occurring at abandoned houses, warehouses and other buildings are much more likely to injure or harm firefighters due to their lack of structural integrity and out-dated building designs.

Becoming A Suspect & Gathering  Evidence

Sargent first became a suspect when law enforcement authorities stopped him near the scene of a crime where multiple boats were set ablaze. According to Boston area police, Sargent was in his motor vehicle near the scene of the boat fires, and when asked by authorities what he was doing he nervously stated he was simply driving around the area. The behavior exhibited by Sargent quickly raised police suspicions and resulted in law enforcement acquiring a warrant to place a GPS tracker on his automobile. The GPS tracker provided police with data showing Sargent’s automobile in close proximity to multiple arsons the moment the fires occurred. Data from the GPS vehicle tracker device gave police more than enough evidence to show that Sargent was more than likely than behind multiple fires. Along with evidence gathered from the GPS tracking device, police also uncovered that Sargent’s stepson Louis purchased suspicious items using his credit card in the city of Halifax. This purchase was made on the same day a fire was set that intentionally burned a building in the same city.

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