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GPS Tracking With Mobile Devices

Most people may not be aware that their cell phones are doing much more than simply sending text messages, placing/receiving phone calls or surfing the Internet. This is because inside every mobile communication device or smart phone are components of GPS tracking hardware. In fact, cellular phones are recording locational data at all times and this data is often being stored by the manufacturer of the cell phone (such as Google & Apple), service provider and app companies that use GPS tracking or positional data to provide a service. Of course, these app companies, service providers and cellular device manufacturers will not state why they keep the historical locational data of their users. The storing of personal tracking data is something that many people do not feel comfortable with, but is there a way people can turn off the GPS tracker in their phones?

All mobile devices have a settings section that allows the user to control wi-fi connection, airplane mode and a number of other general features of the cell phone. Many of the settings can be easily manipulated such as turning on/off the wi-fi connection. Unfortunately, there is no such setting available to manipulate when it comes to the GPS tracker hardware embedded into the smart phone. This means the user has only one option of they don’t want outside parties to take their locational data, and that is turn the mobile device off. “Facebook, Google Plus, Apple Maps and so many other popular apps all want the locational data of their users, and the only way to stop them from utilizing GPS tracking technology to gather a person’s locational data is to not use those apps on a cell phone”, explained a personal tracking specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. “What’s even worse is if a person does not want their smart phone manufacturer or cellular service provider to take and store locational data they have zero options. Unless of course they turn their smart phone off.” Privacy is a concern for many people, and that is what makes the topic of GPS tracking data in cell phones so important. When people download a free app that uses GPS tracking information to provide a service the user understands what they are getting. However, many people are not aware that cellular companies and phone manufacturers are taking locational data, and that the user has no way of stopping them from doing so. “People always were somewhat aware that mobile phone companies, cellular data providers and mobile apps that use GPS tracking could access the locational information of a person, but the mass level of surveillance and data gathered by companies and even the NSA is simply enormous”, stated a GPS tracking expert. “So much personal information can be gathered through the use of phone tracking, and as Edward Snowden showed the world, the level of domestic surveillance that occurs is a little frightening.” The reality is that our mobile phones are constantly sending out information and data on us and that the only reasonable option for people to reduce that level of surveillance is to turn the mobile phone off. That is of course if they do not want to stop using their mobile devices altogether or maybe move to a remote location in the mountains! Should legislators make it a crime for cellular service providers and smart phone manufacturers to access locational data via GPS tracking and store that data for profiling or marketing purposes?

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