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5 Best No Monthly Fee GPS Car Trackers

Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

5 Best Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee Solutions For 2024

If you’re looking for an affordable real time GPS tracking device that doesn’t require a monthly subscription, you’re in luck! GPS trackers with no monthly fees are a popular option for those who want to track their vehicles or loved ones without the added expense. To help you choose the best option, we’ve researched and tested the top GPS trackers with no monthly fees to provide you with facts. In this article, we will discuss the best GPS trackers for vehicles with no subscription fees, and answer some frequently asked questions you might have regarding realtime GPS. Let’s dive in! 

What Is The Best Car Tracking Device With No Monthly Fee?

LandAirSea – Best Overall Real Time GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fee

GPS Tracker


LandAirSea GPS Tracking System Features

  • Easily Hide Under The Car (100% Waterproof Magnetic Mount)
  • Learn Teen Driver’s Driving Habits 
  • Real Time GPS Tracker With No Service Fees For An Entire Year
  • Car Locator Is Nearly Undetectable

LandAirSea is a magnetic GPS tracker with no monthly subscription fee, and our top overall choice. First of all, the vehicle tracker is perfect for monitoring teen driving safety or catching a cheating spouse, thanks to its powerful capabilities. These include accurate real-time tracking, waterproof housing, slick surface magnet, and wireless design. In fact, this GPS car tracker device stands out as an absolute powerhouse, earning the highest rating among no monthly fee GPS trackers.

One of the final things we like about the LandAirSea GPS tracker that make it stand above competitors like Invoxia and Brickhouse Security’s Spark Nano 7 is the support. LandAirSea, offers you award-winning technical support for free for the life of the product! So, if you’re wondering about your employees’ whereabouts or suspecting spousal infidelity, consider the LandAirSea GPS locator.





  • No monthly fee (1st year)

  • Powerful magnetic mount

  • Waterproof & stealthy

  • Unlimited minute-by-minute updates

  • Lifetime historical data

  • Subscription: Free for 1st year

  • Reporting: Minute-by-minute

  • Design: Waterproof, magnetic, stealthy

  • Support: Award-winning, free

  • Use Cases: Safety, surveillance

As of 3/15/2024

4.2 Stars | 22,178 Ratings



  • 100% waterproof with a magnetic mount for easy hiding.

  • Lifetime access to historical location data.

  • Unlimited minute-by-minute GPS reporting.

  • After the first year, a subscription may be required.

  • Device size and design might be detectable upon close inspection.

  • Magnetic mount may not adhere to all surfaces equally.

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee Infographic

Plug & Play – Best OBD Tracker Without Monthly Subscription 



Plug and Play GPS vehicle trackers connect to your car’s OBDII ports, providing instant real-time location access. Additionally, this fleet tracking solution stands above others like Vyncs and Bouncie GPS trackers. Specifically, the unlimited updates every three seconds set it apart from competitors. Yes, that’s right! Plug and Play is the only connected car tracker that gives you the exact location of your vehicles as quickly as every 3 seconds. That is 20x faster than most hidden GPS trackers and OBD2 tracking devices! Additional features we love with this realtime 4G OBD2 tracker include the easy install, harsh braking documentation, and various reports. These include geofencing and high-speed alerts! This is the reason we believe that this is the best overall car no monthly fee tracking device for businesses. So if you want to take your fleet management to a whole new level we recommend you learn more about Plug & Play GPS!





  • Plug and play installation

  • Unlimited 3-second updates

  • No monthly fees

  • Harsh braking documentation

  • Geofencing and speed alerts

  • Update Frequency: Every 3 seconds

  • Connectivity: 4G OBD2

  • Installation: OBDii port

  • Features: Real-time tracking, reports

  • Target: Fleet management

As of 3/15/2024

4.6 Stars | 4 Ratings



  • Instant real-time tracking with updates every 3 seconds.

  • Easy installation into the automobile’s OBDii port.

  • Utilizes 4G connectivity for reliable updates.

  • Lack of waterproofing limits use outside the vehicle.

  • Reliant on cellular network for real-time updates.

  • Only compatible with vehicles that have OBDii ports.

Invoxia – Motorcycle GPS Tracker With No Subscription For 2 Years


  • Protect All You Value: Track cars, bikes, tools, loved ones - anything, anywhere in the USA.

  • Real-Time Alerts: Stop theft with instant notifications for movement or tilting.

  • Discreet & Private: Small, concealable tracker for all needs - personal or asset protection.


Are you in the market for a reliable and affordable GPS tracker? Look no further than Invoxia’s real time GPS tracker! This portable tracker device gives you a 2-year subscription and an embedded SIM card, so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees. With on-demand real-time tracking, you’ll always know the location of your car, motorcycle, or loved one. Also, the real time GPS tracker uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning, and Bluetooth, providing an accuracy of up to 10 yards!

Whether you’re in the Continental U.S.A. or Hawaii, this Invoxia GPS works seamlessly on 4G LTE-M cellular networks. The LTE GPS tracker has a battery life of up to 120 hours (in motion) to 4 months (stationary), making it perfect for long trips or extended usage. And did we mention the small size? Inxovia’s real time GPS tracker is just 4.1 x 1.1 x 0.4 in and weight of only 1.05 oz, making it easy to carry around, even in your pocket.

Another great feature of the Invoxia GPS tracker is its portable design, allowing you to install it on any vehicle or motorcycle without any complications. This makes it a great choice for fleet management, allowing you to monitor your vehicles’ location in real-time without any additional expenses. With its magnetic trackers and portable GPS design, the Invoxia GPS Tracker is the perfect solution for people who want to save money while ensuring their vehicle’s security and location tracking.

See what the experts at Wired said about this car GPS tracker no monthly fee device:





  • Mini GPS tracker

  • Real-time tracking

  • Protect family and friends

  • Exceptional battery life

  • 2-year subscription

  • Battery: Rechargeable, 90 min charge

  • Subscription: From $3.33/month

  • Connectivity: 4G (US and Hawaii)

  • Update Frequency: Adjustable

  • Size: Compact, easily hidden

As of 3/14/2024

4.0 Stars | 1464 Ratings



  • Rechargeable in 90 minutes for minimal downtime.

  • Affordable 2-year subscription plan starting at $3.33/month.

  • Lightweight, small, and easy to conceal.

  • Subscription required after the initial 2 years.

  • Real-time tracking dependent on 4G network availability.

  • Limited to tracking; lacks two-way communication features.

T. Gossard

Positive Review Review -October 4, 2023

I have had my tracker for 2 years and just renewed my subscription for another 2 years. I have the tracker in my teardrop trailer. Plugged into a USB power outlet. So always charge. The app is easy to use and gives location accuracy down to about 10 feet. Peace of mind that I can pick up my phone anywhere and confirm my trailer is secure. Even though it is in a metal trailer, signal strength has never been an issue. The unit is small enough that it is easy to conceal.


Negative Review Review - November 10, 2023

I used to track my son's car, but every other day the device freezes and doesn’t show any activity. Very unreliable. Waste of my money. Do not buy it! Battery life is okay, but it doesn’t work half the time. Automatically gets disconnected from the phone app.

SkyAngel911FD – 4G GPS With Fall Detection


  • Emergency Lifeline: One-button 911 call without fumbling or panic.

  • Portable & Discreet: Keychain-sized for easy accessibility.

  • Waterproof: Speak & hear clearly even underwater (up to 10 minutes).


One of the most significant challenges that most people face when it comes to personal safety is the fear of being alone in an emergency situation. Sadly, it is not uncommon for people to find themselves in distressing circumstances, such as being lost, hurt, or in danger, and not knowing how to get help. This is where SkyAngel911FD personal GPS tracker can help. This realtime tracking device provides a reliable solution to this personal safety by you a location tracker with SOS button

With SkyAngel911FD, you have access to a 24/7 emergency response team that can provide you with instant assistance whenever you need it. The 4G GPS system offers an intuitive design that allows you to talk with a 911 operator by simply pressing a button. This awesome feature enables you to get the help you need without any delays. Unlike other alert systems, SkyAngel911FD can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile and practical solution for any emergency situation.

Another significant advantage of SkyAngel911FD is that it comes with no monthly service fees. That’s right! Once you buy the tracking device, you’re good to go. This live GPS tracker gives you peace of mind with a reliable emergency alert system. Whether hiking, jogging, or traveling, SkyAngel911FD keeps you safe and secure. The device is the perfect companion for anyone who values safety, no matter where life takes them.





  • No monthly fees

  • Waterproof

  • One-button 911 access

  • Automatic fall detection

  • 2-way speakerphone

  • Connectivity: 4G

  • Contract: Not required

  • Size: Keychain-friendly

  • Water Resistance: Yes (10 min max)

  • Battery: Not specified

As of 3/14/2024

4.1 Stars | 116 Ratings



  • No monthly fees or cellular contract required.

  • Always in 2-way speakerphone mode for easy communication.

  • Can be used anywhere with 4G coverage.

  • Limited to 10 minutes of use underwater.

  • Relies on 4G coverage, which may not be universal.

  • Only calls 911, cannot contact family or friends directly.


Positive Review Review -November 14, 2021

I purchased three other devices for my mother, who is 92, and this is the only one that has the capacity to connect to the Internet and 911 operator. The other 3 failed to do so, although they advertised they would work. I did pay much more for this one ($170) versus the others, which were under $100. No monthly connection fee was the draw for me and my workability!

Karen Fritz

Negative Review Review - December 15, 2021

This product doesn't work. I wasted my money on this for my mother. You can throw it down, and it doesn't even register a fall. She hasn't been wearing it since a month after I bought it because she tested it and it didn't work, and she never said a word. I came out of rehab and am now going to have to purchase a different type and pay a monthly fee. I could have paid for months on plan instead of buying this. Very disappointed.

Vyncs Pro 4G GPS Tracker For Car – 1 Year Service Included 

Vyncs Pro 4G GPS Tracker For Car 

  • Track in Real-Time: See car location every 60 seconds with live map updates.

  • Alerts & Geofences: Get notified for speeding, braking, and entering/leaving zones.

  • Trip History & Analysis: Review past trips and driving performance.


As a business owner looking to track your company vehicles, the Vyncs GPS Tracker is an excellent option. With Vyncs Pro, you get a real-time GPS tracking system that updates every 60 seconds and provides live map auto-refresh. This means that the map screen updates automatically as the vehicle is driven, without any need for manual refresh. The purchase cost and activation fee provide you with a 4G LTE Vyncs Link device and a SIM card, working on the AT&T/T-Mobile network in the USA and over 200 countries worldwide. Additionally, you get a one-year data plan without any monthly fee.

But why choose Vyncs? The Vyncs Link is an ultra-fast 4G LTE device that requires no battery and is powered by your car, so you never have to worry about charging it. You can track your loved ones even when they’re not in a car using the Vyncs Groups feature, which provides on-demand location updates for Android/iOS devices in Vyncs groups. The Vyncs GPS tracker also helps you keep track of your vehicle’s health problems with its OBD tracker and provides unlimited history for as long as you have a valid subscription. This makes the OBD tracker a great choice for any business owner looking to track their company vehicles.

See what real users say about this car GPS tracker no monthly fee here:





  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • OBD-II diagnostics

  • Driving behavior alerts

  • No external battery required

  • Global coverage

  • Update Frequency: 60 seconds

  • Activation Fee: $39.99 USD

  • Power: OBD-II port

  • Sleep Mode: Hourly updates

  • Subscription: 1 year included

As of 3/14/2024

4.0 Stars | 446 Ratings



  • No monthly fee or contract required.

  • Coverage in 200+ countries, including the US, Canada, and Mexico.

  • SIM card and 1-year data plan included.

  • Annual renewal required after the first year.

  • Device removal sends a tamper alert but may not prevent theft.

  • GPS update frequency fixed at 60 seconds; faster updates available at extra cost.


Positive Review Review -January 2, 2023

I really like the health features of the VYNCS device. My daughter is away in college, and I sleep well at night. Just knowing the car's health can be checked while sitting in my chair at home, an hour and a half away from her school, Thank you for the comfort of knowing this important information.

T. Johnson

Negative Review Review - March 4, 2023

This product seemed promising for a couple weeks at first. It was good software to track trips and show the current location accurately. However, my car started to have issues where it could stall while driving and wouldn't start with a warm engine. Much troubleshooting and several unnecessary repairs were done before I realized it was the tracker. I wish I could return at this point since it is unusable, but it has been 3+ months. Too bad.

Key Features To Consider When Buying A Car GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fees 

When you’re researching GPS tracking devices, there are a few key features that you should look for. Here are some important ones you need to consider:

Key Feature


Real-Time Tracking

Continuously updates location and transmits information to your phone or computer. Ideally updates every minute or faster.


Set up virtual boundaries on a map and receive notifications when the tracker enters or exits these boundaries. Useful for tracking children or pets.

Long Battery Life

Essential for extended use without frequent recharging. Look for a battery life of 2-3 weeks, unless using an OBD2 GPS tracker.

Easy To Use

User-friendly interface and clear instructions are important for those with little experience with GPS trackers.

Mobile App

Comes with a mobile app for monitoring the device's location and receiving notifications. Should be easy to navigate and provide necessary information.

Accuracy Of Data

High level of accuracy for real-time location updates. Should work in areas with poor cellular coverage, such as remote or rural areas.

Free Technical Support

Access to free technical support is crucial for resolving any issues or questions that arise.

Why You Can Trust GPS Tracker Shop: Our 15+ Years of Experience

At GPS Tracker Shop, we understand that trust is a critical component of any successful business relationship. As a GPS tracking company, we know that our customers rely on us to provide accurate, reliable, and secure solutions to help them keep track of their assets. That’s why we take our responsibility seriously and work hard to earn the trust of our customers.

Our team of security professionals has over 15 years of experience in the industry. We understand GPS tracking technology deeply and ensure the security and reliability of these systems. Additionally, we stay updated on the latest industry developments. Therefore, we provide our customers with the most effective and reliable GPS tracking solutions available.

One of the ways that we earn the trust of our customers is by thoroughly testing and evaluating every product that we offer. Before we offer a GPS tracking device for sale, we put it through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it meets our high standards for accuracy, reliability, and security. We test each product in real-world scenarios to ensure that it performs as expected and that our customers can rely on it when they need it most. You can learn more about this testing process on our methodology page

No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker FAQs

A GPS data logger is a device that records and stores historical GPS location data. The GPS device allows users to track the movement of an object or person over a period of time without needing a real-time connection to a network or satellite. The data can be downloaded and analyzed later to determine the location, speed, and other details of the tracked object or person. GPS data loggers are commonly used by people seeking car tracking devices with no monthly fees that record historical driving data. 

If you’re wondering why live GPS trackers need a SIM card, it’s because the SIM card allows the GPS device to connect to cellular networks and transmit location data. Without a SIM card, GPS vehicle trackers would be unable to connect to the internet, making them useless for real-time tracking. With a SIM card, GPS trackers can transmit location data over long distances, even in areas where Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections may not be available. 

Yes, you need a data plan for vehicle tracking devices. The reason is that GPS trackers use cellular networks to transmit location data. These networks require a data plan to transmit data. Without a data plan, the portable GPS tracker won’t be able to transmit location data to your mobile or web app, making the device useless for real-time tracking purposes. The 4g lte GPS tracker products mentioned in this article all come with a year or two-year data plan included in the purchase price. After that time, you would need a monthly or annual data plan.

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