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Car Monitoring Devices in Covert Places

Tracking Vehicles With GPS Covertly

Most applications affiliated with GPS vehicle tracking have a tendency to be covert in nature. Parents wanting to spy on their driving teens, people in a relationship thinking their other half is cheating and companies suspecting employees are abusing work vehicles are all possible candidates for using GPS tracking devices. However, all of those mentioned possible users would likely not want their target aware that they were being monitored via Global Positioning System technology. Understanding that the market demands a solution that allows users to easily and covertly attach tracking hardware, manufacturers developed an external magnetic mount on some GPS devices to allow for outside placement.

Outside Placement Of GPS Tracker System

Most people introduced to vehicle tracking believe that the GPS system is supposed to be placed on or near the front windshield in order for the GPS to acquire information from orbiting satellites. The reason for this logic is due to the familiarity of navigation systems where the most popular placement option tends to be the front windshield. Manufacturers of navigation devices understand that drivers need to see routing and directional information and therefore almost always select the front windshield area for GPS placement. With this knowledge they make the business decision not to spend a significant time in development on the GPS antenna, but this is not the case with manufacturers of GPS tracker systems. Covert placement is essential for most users of GPS vehicle trackers and that is why tracking companies have made two significant design changes to meet the needs of users: an exterior magnetic mount and more sensitive antenna. The inclusion of a magnetic mount was made for the simple that it gives the user an easy way to connect the GPS tracker to the outside of a target automobile. This provides very easy and covert placement for vehicle surveillance. The second ingenious design of a more sensitive antenna was developed to give the user more flexibility in terms of placement. Through the combination of both design features users were given the option to place a car tracker underneath the target automobile!

GPS Under A Car

It’s hard to fathom a GPS system working under a vehicle but with an exterior magnetic mount locking the tracker upon the vehicle and strong antenna able to acquire the smallest of GPS signals the application is simple. This is because GPS signals that have no ability to penetrate trough metal are instead captured when they are reflected off the ground! GPS technology continues to evolve and become more stealth and that is a positive thing for those interested in surveillance for personal safety and automotive security.

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