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Accident Highlights Vehicle Tracking Importance

Anybody who has ever been involved in an automobile accident can attest firsthand that the experience can be quite frightening. For parents, however, that experience can be even more terrifying when it involves their teenage son or daughter. Unfortunately, that is exactly what one family in Issaquah, Washington had to deal with when they received news Sunday morning that their 16-year-old daughter was involved in an automobile accident and sustained serious wounds. This tragedy has resulted in many parents locating spy stores near Issaquah to buy GPS tracking devices for teen driving safety.

Teen Driving Vehicle Crash

The 16-year-old girl involved in the accident was driving near Interstate 90, and according to officials was driving her vehicle at a dangerously high rate of speed. Investigating officers stated that the female driver lost control of her automobile and the car then drove over a guardrail, crashing into a field below the freeway. Thankfully, there weren’t any passengers in the vehicle and no other vehicles were involved in the auto accident. The girl involved in the accident was taken to a nearby hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery. Police stated that at this time they don’t believe alcohol or drugs were involved in an accident and that signs point to the cause being a combination of inexperience behind the wheel and driving too fast.

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Preventing High-Speed Teen Driving

The teen driving accident in Issaquah is sadly one of many accidents that occur every day due to teens driving too fast. This is the reason why parents are taking matters into their own hands with the help of live GPS tracking devices to assist them in monitoring not only how fast a teen is driving at all times but also alert them the moment a teen begins speeding. GPS car tracking is a simple process by which a parent places a teen GPS tracker on the vehicle operated by a teenager and then can see where that teen goes, how long they’ve been at each location and most importantly if the teen is driving at a high, unsafe rate of speed. Live GPS tracking devices even provide a feature that will alert parents via email or text message if that teen is driving too fast. This data can literally be accident-preventing or even life-saving.

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