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GPS auto tracking technology is routinely employed for positive applications. These applications include things such as teen driving safety, business fleet tracking or law enforcement surveillance investigation. Unfortunately, like all forms of technology, GPS vehicle tracking devices can also be used for inappropriate and sometimes even illegal purposes. That is exactly what happened when a man in Marrieta, Georgia used a car tracker in what police enforcement is describing as a stalking case. The problem is that these very infrequent cases make news headlines and leave a black eye on the use of hidden GPS trackers for cars among the public when the overwhelming use of the devices is for positive purposes. Sang Hook Yim, a Marrieta resident, was charged with felony eavesdropping when a woman found a real-time GPS tracking system on her vehicle and investigators were able to determine the tracker belonged to Yim. The victim mentioned she became suspicious when Yim would randomly show up at places she was at. That was when she searched underneath her car and found the GPS tracker and then contacted law enforcement about her concerns. The GPS tracker was able to stick to the belly of the victim’s automobile with the assistance of a surface magnet which is commonly designed into the GPS tracking hardware.

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Police and residents of Marietta all agree that the alleged stalking incident was a frightening one, but it is important that journalists and bloggers don’t point the blame at GPS tracking technology itself. The reality is GPS tracking is not only woven into the fabric of our daily lives, but it is in our lives because of the value it brings. Fitness monitoring, navigation data, teen driving safety, mileage accounting, and automotive security are only a few of the advantageous things GPS monitoring technology offers. Stating GPS tracking technology is somehow the villain in this and many other news stories are as ludicrous as saying knives are the cause behind every stabbing or cars are at fault for every automobile accident. It is important to recognize that when pointing the blame with something as very serious as stalking that the individual point out the actual stalker not the piece of technology that was used inappropriately and illegally. GPS tracking is not evil. People are the ones who can be evil. It is a very important distinction that should be made. Yim is currently out of jail after posting bond. When asked about the stalking case his attorney offered a statement explaining he and his client were currently in the “investigative phase” of the situation.

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