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Cell phone GPS technology is used for a variety of applications that do everything from help people navigate from location-to-location, and even monitor the location of a person, vehicle, or asset. But when it comes to cell phone GPS tracking there is a lot of both information and dis-information out there which makes it difficult to get the facts when it comes to the technology. For anyone who has ever asked one of the following questions:

  • How can I track a cell phone location by number?
  • How can I track a cell phone location for free?
  • Do police need a warrant to search your phone?
  • How can I locate a stolen phone?
  • Where can I buy a GPS Tracking device?

This post about cell phone GPS tracker technology is the right place to be! Now let’s take a moment to go over some of the above questions and demystify some of the common concerns people have regarding GPS tracking and cell phones.

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How To Find a Stolen Cell Phone

GPS Phone Tracker Apps

Losing a cell phone is a pain in the butt situation that can have serious repercussions, especially since so many people house valuable information on their mobile devices. Information such as email addresses, social networking activity, mobile banking login info, personal notes, family photographs, bitcoin wallet details, and so much more data is frequently stored on the cell phone of the average person. Of course, nobody wants to have their cell phone stolen, just like how people don’t want to drop their cell phones in the toilet, but both occur every single day. However, most people know how to respond if they drop a cell phone in the toilet, whereas many are clueless about what to do if their cell phone is stolen. Knowing how to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off or on is critical once it is determined the mobile device is missing. But let’s start at the beginning on how to find a stolen cell phone!

The very first thing a person should do if they lose their cell phone is contact law enforcement authorities to file a report. Police should be given all the details surrounding the theft as well as the serial number of the smartphone. Most people do not have serial number information readily available so they should contact their wireless provider, get the serial number info, and then give all of the information to the police. Many cell phones now can be equipped to locate me apps or register with services that offer GPS tracking. Some of these mobile GPS tracking devices can snap photos as well as offer real-time locational information. However, just because an app offers real-time GPS tracking data doesn’t mean law enforcement is going to call in all available squad cars to arrest the cell phone thief. This is why it is important to gather any evidence of phone use or information that would provide probable cause for police to make an arrest. Police will initiate a search more quickly and effectively if a person has both the real-time GPS tracking data of the mobile phone along with evidence of its use post-theft. It is very important to note that law enforcement officials strongly advise cell phone theft victims who have mobile GPS tracking apps do not attempt to track down phone thieves on their own! This can result in a very dangerous situation and it is the reason police completely discourage anyone from trying to retrieve stolen property without law enforcement assistance.

Mobile GPS Tracking Apps: How They Work

Track Your Phones’ Location History 

Mobile GPS tracking apps or location devices are excellent tools to help safeguard costly smartphones. However, mobile GPS tracking software must be installed upon devices looking to be protected before they are actually stolen. Once a cell phone is stolen it is too late to signup or registers for GPS tracking service. How these mobile location apps operate is pretty simple. When the cell phone is powered on and connected to the Internet the mobile GPS tracking app will ping or check-in with a locator service. When the cell phone sends out this ping it includes detailed reporting information such as real-time location and historical locational data. If the cell phone owner indicates that their property is stolen the pings can occur more frequently so the user can have the most up-to-date information on where their cell phone is located. Most mobile GPS tracking apps actually do not use satellites to determine location, but rather cellular towers using triangulation to pinpoint where a mobile phone is at. This is important to note because in areas where poor cellular coverage exists, urban canyon environments are common or places, where simple drift can occur the mobile tracking services, can be inaccurate. Sometimes extremely inaccurate by miles upon miles!

Mobile Tracking Software: Is It Worth Purchasing?

Track Someones’ Location 24/7 For Peace-of-Mind

After explaining how location tracking apps can sometimes have accuracy challenges some people might be scratching their heads and asking if this digital form of GPS tracker is worth the investment. The simple answer is yes, but with one small caveat: people who use these location services need to realize that they are not full-proof solutions to safeguarding their mobile phones. Phone tracking apps can increase the probability a person can locate a stolen property so law enforcement can recover the missing mobile phone, but they cannot guarantee anything. However, experts say that the real value in many of the popular mobile GPS tracking services is that they come with a feature that gives the user the option to erase all data on their mobile device remotely. Erasing all personal data on a mobile device remotely will also erase tracking software, but at least it will delete personal information such as bank accounts, social networking info, notes, and other important data that when in the hands of the wrong person can result in identity theft or worse.

Track a Car With a Cell Phone

Real-Time GPS Locations From Mobile Phones

Have you ever wanted to know where an employee was while driving a company truck? How about where your teenage son or daughter is going when they leave the house for some weekend fun with friends? Maybe you even suspect your partner might be cheating on you with some hot person with abs from the gym? Whatever the reason may be there is no denying that GPS tracking technology is becoming part of the everyday norm for both families and businesses. This is because GPS tracking is easy, affordable, and reliable. In fact, with the help of GPS vehicle locator hardware, people can track a car using their mobile phones, creating the most effortless avenue to monitor an automobile. Here is how it all works:

  1. Live GPS Is Equipped On Car
  2. GPS Tracking Data Is Housed On Secure Website
  3. View GPS Data From Smart Phone

Track a Car In Real Time With a Cell Phone

Start Tracking Any Vehicle On Google Maps

Once a GPS tracker has been installed upon or placed inside an automobile the GPS device will then transmit locational data. This GPS data includes information such as the addresses the driver visited, how long they were parked at each location, how fast they were driving between locations, vehicle mileage, and more detailed information. All of this data is calculated using satellite technology and then sent to remote servers with the assistance of cellular technology. Once the data is moved from device to server it is then housed on a secure network where it can only be viewed with the appropriate credentials that include a pre-set username and passcode. Although it sounds a little complex it’s actually very simple in terms of how everything works for the user. This is because all the user has to do is select the app ok their smartphone and behind viewing their personal GPS tracking which is displayed over a digital mapping program. Detailed reports and other driving information are also accessible.

Location Trackers

GPS tracking data can easily be accessed with a mobile phone, but for those, without smartphones, the data can also be viewed by tablets or computers. This includes the real-time GPS tracking occurring live as well as access to historical data where a driver was at earlier in the day, week, or month. Using cell phones to track vehicles has never been easier thanks to real-time GPS tracking. The results are efficient, accurate, and reliable, allowing parents, companies, and those in relationships to verify locational data anytime 24/7.

GPS vehicle tracker

GPS Mobile Tracker For Family Safety

Where Can I Buy a GPS Tracker

If you are a small business, parent, or private investigator you probably have stated more than a few times that you need a GPS tracking device. This is because Global Positioning Systems crafted for personal and vehicle tracking can give anyone the tools necessary to unlock unknown driving habits while also lifting security. For people in need of a GPS tracking device, the answer to where to purchase the product is simple: a reputable online manufacturer or reseller who specializes in fleet management and personal surveillance equipment.

Benefits of Phone Tracker Technologies

The vehicle management experts believe people should first determine what type of device they are looking for in terms of cell phone GPS tracking and how much they are willing to invest. People looking to purchase a GPS tracking device will need to determine whether or not they want a real-time GPS tracker (the most commonly thought of the type of car tracker) or a GPS data logger (the more cost-effective type of car tracker). Without getting deep into the differences, data loggers basically record information, requiring the user to take off the device from the car if they want to view driving history. The real-time GPS tracker data can be watched from a separate location while the car is in motion. If a person in need of a GPS tracking device does not already know what type of car tracker they want then they should speak with a sales representative who can help guide them to the device best suited for them. Once the person seeking a GPS solution determines the type of monitoring device they are in need of, the next step is purchasing the hardware. Unlike navigation GPS systems, vehicle tracking hardware cannot easily be picked up at a local auto parts store. Instead, the person will need to go online to find the most effective and reliable tracking solution.

The good news is there are a number of online stores dedicated to surveillance and GPS technologies, and all of these companies can be verified online through review sites. This makes it easy to figure out if the merchant is a reputable one that provides good products and customer service. So if you are a person who needs a GPS tracking device the best place to start your journey is online!

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