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How to Stop Copper Theft

Copper theft is an issue all over the world. In fact, copper theft has become so prevalent in some states that laws have been drafted to require those recycling scrap metal to provide a valid driver’s license in case of any potential future problems surrounding where an individual obtained the copper to ensure it was gathered legally. Unfortunately, these additional measures are not applied everywhere and even when they are used do not completely eliminate the epidemic of copper theft. So what other options are available when it comes to copper pipe theft prevention? The answer might be coming in a copper wire theft deterrent known as real time GPS. In fact, the Metro in Australia took proactive measures to battle copper thieves with the use of GPS tracking devices in the hope it would reduce the nearly $1 billion dollars spent annually in loss along with operation closures due to the rise in copper theft.

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Metro made the decision to move forward with copper theft GPS trackers after copper thieves on a popular line resulted in roughly 50,000-morning commuters being forced to wait out lengthy delays. Basically a small group of copper thieves cut active cables that shut down power and pushed Metro to suspend train services while repairs were conducted. Metro was forced to work with local bus companies and frustrated customers due to the delays all because a small group of fools stole what was estimated to be a little over $600 in copper. What is even more frightening is that stealing copper can literally be deadly, as copper theft electrocution is very common. This is the reason why “copper theft death pictures” is a popular search query on Google.

With over 40 reported incidents of copper theft in 2014 alone by Metro, officials for the rail company felt they had no other choice but to invest in copper theft GPS trackers to eliminate the problem. A survey conducted by Public Transport Victoria even showed that railway delays caused from copper theft resulted in roughly $4 million in wages lost from late arrivals by workers. This impacted both business productivity and wages earned by employees. In fact, copper theft became such a significant problem that some railways opted to use material composed of aluminum to replace copper cables stolen by thieves. Unfortunately, replacing all existing copper cables with the less expensive aluminum would be a huge hurdle for all railways because the network is already in use and would take significant time and money to replace.

GPS tracking technology continues to be employed by law enforcement agencies and other government entities to reduce theft and enhance property/asset protection. Hopefully, more railways and other companies utilizing copper call upon copper theft GPS tracking devices to help combat copper thieves throughout Australia and other countries.

Top 5 Tips For Preventing Copper Theft

For businesses looking to combat copper thieves and who are interested in real time GPS trackers such as the DeWalt Anti Theft tracker, there are also some other helpful tips in preventing copper theft. Here are 5 of them:

  1. Utilize Security Lights & Motion Sensors
  2. Invest In Visible & Hidden Security Cameras
  3. Hire Security Guards To Walk The Job Site
  4. Put Up Signs Saying The Area Is Under Surveillance To Deter Copper Thieves 
  5. Invest In Copper Theft GPS Trackers 

Best GPS Tracking Device For Copper Theft Prevention

“Finding a copper theft prevention GPS system that had all of the characteristics and qualities that meet our stringent evaluation standards was a very challenging task, but we our confident that our customers will be as excited over the SpaceHawk real time GPS “, explained Ryan Horban, CEO of GPS Tracker Shop. “The live GPS tracker is going to help a lot of business keep better tabs on copper wires and other valuable assets. This is something very positive and something we are very proud of.”

Hidden GPS Tracking Device For Scrap Metal Theft

SpaceHawk GPS has a retail price of $99.00 per unit and does require a monthly service obligation for data. The real time GPS tracker similar to that of the DeWalt anti-theft GPS, also comes with a online-based mapping interface that requires no software, allowing multiple people to access personal tracking data regardless if they are in different cities or states! The GPS tracking software and mapping interface also comes with a number of reporting features that allow the user to even utilize the copper theft prevention GPS tracker as a vehicle monitoring solution. Some of the best features of this hidden GPS tracking device for scrap metal theft include a waterproof housing, compact size, exterior magnetic mount for easy placement on copper scrap, and of course the ability to send an alert the moment the live GPS tracker is moved. This allows a business to know the moment copper thieves leave with scrap metal.