Data Logger Works With Apple

GPS Tracker In Development

Introducing companies and families to the best GPS trackers on the market has always been the primary goal of everyone working for GPS Tracker Shop. That is why it is no surprise to find that every automotive and asset tracking solution offered through the company website is highly recommended by a number of reputable gadget and technology review sites. Although GPS Tracker Shop currently offers a couple award-winning GPS data loggers, the company headquartered in California has not had a passive device that was compatible with Apple products such as Mac computer systems. That means the present line of GPS data loggers can only function with Windows-based systems. Understanding that more businesses and families are investing in Apple products for computing, GPS Tracker Shop has teamed up with a manufacturer located in the Midwest to develop a GPS data logger that will function on a variety of Apple computing systems!

What To Expect From The New GPS Data Logger

The most sophisticated passive device currently available on the market is GPS Tracking Key Pro, another tracker that is only compatible with Windows-based operating systems and programs. Therefore, when technicians and engineers began creating the new data logger they used the GPS Tracking Key Pro as the blueprint. This is because the device offers a animated street map capable of offering historical playback, activity reports that break down daily travels and detailed satellite imagery using Google Earth. Therefore, once the engineering process is complete, consumers can expect a GPS tracker that operates and has features similar to that of the GPS Tracking Key Pro. Of course, a number of other upgrades in terms of antennas reception and things of that nature will also be part of the development. Since the new Apple-compatible data logger is still in its infancy stages in terms of it being a finished product, it is not known if the GPS tracker will work exclusively with Apple products or both Apple and Windows operating systems as a hybrid device. GPS Tracker Shop is committed to keeping its customers and online visitors in the know when it comes to the new GPS data logger. That is why as soon as more information becomes available regarding the new product, GPS Tracker Shop will update the technology blog with the most current news. Those interested in purchasing the new GPS vehicle tracker can expect a press release the moment the device is available.

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