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Denver School Bus GPS Tracking System

Student Safety Gets Boost With GPS

In Denver, Colorado the weather can be downright brutal. Snowfall can literally make commuting impossible and icy roads can add another element of danger to motorists. These are just some of the reasons why Denver school officials have made the decision to move forward with a plan that would outfit school buses with GPS tracking devices and students with ID passes that will literally check-in each student as they enter or exit the bus. When parents allow their children to use school transportation a certain level of high trust must be in place. Children are the most important part of any parents’ life and that is why it is essential that school buses provide the highest level of safety while transporting students. This is what GPS tracker devices will provide because the monitoring systems will give school district officials and parents a better way to observe school bus activity to ensue child student safety. When asked about the GPS tracking plan as a bus fleet tracking solution, a person overseeing transportation management for Denver schools explained that the end goal is knowing where students are located, that they are safe and detailed arrival and departure data. Although many school districts all over the country have implemented a GPS tracking strategy to monitor vehicles, Denver public schools will be taking personal monitoring to a whole new level by incorporating radio frequency enabled ID cards.

Documenting Student Travel With Technology

Beginning later this year during the start of the Fall semester, students who travel via school bus will be given a card that they will scan before they step foot on or off the school bus. The card each student will carry will utilize the latest in radio frequency identification as it will record and log every time a student enters or exits through the bus doors. The data will then be transmitted using GPS tracking to where parents and school officials can determine who is or isn’t riding on each school bus. All the students will need to do is push the identification card on the scanners installed on each Denver school bus. When the scanner emits a green light that will signify the student has been documented as a passenger. The hope is that the new system will not only increase student safety, but also improve the efficiency of bus transportation.

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