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Do All GPS Trackers Require a Monthly Fee

Is There a GPS Tracker Without Monthly Fee?

Mini GPS Tracker Device No Monthly Fee

There are a lot of products on the market designed to help businesses and consumers locate vehicles but no product is more popular than the GPS tracker. Unfortunately, many GPS tracking devices require a subscription for live vehicle tracking which can make the technology cost-prohibitive for many people. So do all GPS trackers require a monthly fee? The answer is no! Now let’s take a look at the best no monthly fee GPS tracker, and learn more about why the device is so popular.

What Is The Best GPS Tracker Without a Monthly Fee

Driving Activity Reporter

Have you recently been an airline passenger and flipped through one of those SkyMall catalogs stuffed inside the back pouch of the seat in front of you? If you did, then you probably saw a popular GPS vehicle tracker known as the Driving Activity Reporter. When people choose air transportation as their method of travel they are basically setting themselves up with time to kill. Air travel can be boring and time-consuming, regardless of where the traveler is flying too. Therefore, many airline passengers will read tp pass some time, making those airline catalogs a more entertaining form of literature than they would normally be. Many of the products in these catalogs are sometimes drastically over-priced, but that by no means diminishes the quality of some of these unique products such as the popular GPS tracker.

Driving Activity ReporterCar GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee Features

  • Magnet GPS For Covert Placement Outside A Vehicle
  • Low Battery Light Indicator 
  • GPS Locator Records Positions Every Second
  • Mini Portable Design For Easy Hiding
  • No SIM Cards Required
  • Top-Rated GPS Tracker For Car Or Truck
  • Strong Magnet 

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Driving Activity Reporter For Vehicles

No monthly fee GPS trackers have recently become very popular among suburban families interested in monitoring teen drivers, and local small businesses wanting to uncover the driving activity of company drivers. That is why a GPS vehicle tracker such as the Driving Activity Reporter is so intriguing to many airline passengers who discover the gadget while combing through those SkyMall magazines. Throw in the fact that the tracking device has no activation or service fees, a magnet that gives people the ability to connect the car tracker to the outside of an automobile and the device’s compact size that makes it easy to hide on a car; and the end result is a product that an assortment of people could benefit from using.

“Affordable and reliable GPS trackers such as the Driving Activity Reporter are helping people boost family safety, business vehicle management and so much more”, stated a fleet tracking specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. “Although the tracking device is an amazing tool, consumers are best served to avoid a purchase through online catalogs found on airplanes because of the outrageous retail pricing and cost of shipping.”

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Vehicle Tracking Devices With No Subscription Fees

For those interested in learning about other mini GPS trackers with no subscription fees we invite you to check out these highly-rated hidden GPS trackers:

  • GPSit1000bzl LTE vehicle tracking device
  • LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key
  • Automatic Pro AUT350
  • Vyncs No Monthly Fee Car Tracker 
  • TK Star GPS
  • iTrail GPS Data Logger

There are a number of great OBDii and mini portable magnet GPS trackers that can help you monitor teens, seniors, or anyone. So please feel free to do your own research on these vehicle GPS trackers.

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