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Do Skid Steers Have GPS?

Skid Steer GPS Tracking

Protecting Stolen Construction Equipment 

Businesses that focus on construction and building frequently call upon technical modern marvels in order for them to create houses, bridges, or any number of structures. This equipment is utilized where simple manpower falls short, allowing a project to get complete is the safest and most time-efficient window possible. Bulldozers, forklifts and skid steers are the names of these marvels that provide the heavy assistance, but it is something much smaller that is protecting skip steers and other machinery from the rising problem of theft. The miniature devices that are being used to safeguard skip steers are portable units known as GPS tracking devices. What these portable real time GPS trackers do is offer companies that utilize heavy machinery a way to get real-time updates on where their equipment is located and how the equipment is being used. The GPS tracker devices offer both portability and hard-wiring option, can send out notifications if the equipment is moved without authorization, document how employees are using heavy equipment, and essentially offer what many law enforcement agencies describe as one of the best asset protection solutions on the market today.

Best GPS For Skid Steer

SpaceHawk Skid Steer GPS Tracker

Smallest GPS TrackerFeatures For Construction Companies:

Locate Bobcat, John Deere Or Skid Steer on Job Site

  • Virtual Fencing Alerts For Anti Theft Security 
  • Real Time GPS Tracking 24/7
  • Find Out If Employees Are Falsifying Timesheets
  • Free Mobile App For Android, Google Nexus, And iPhone
  • Surface Magnet Mount To Hide GPS On Skid Steer Loaders


“Investing in GPS fleet tracking hardware was a no brainer for my construction business because live GPS trackers let me check on workers while also helping us against skid steer loader theft”, a small business contractor based in Huntsville, Alabama stated. “Our company has had concerns over some employees falsifying timesheets and we also had two ditch witch on the job site stolen in the past year so it was important to check out the different anti-theft devices in Alabama.”

Vehicle Tracking For Skid Steers

Fleet Management For Skidsteer Loaders

Do skid steers have GPS? The answer is no the construction equipment does not come with GPS tracking devices installed upon the bobcat or John Deere. That leaves your construction or utility vehicles susceptible to theft or employee misuse. The good news is the asset tracking technology can be used to monitor skid steers as well as snow removal equipment, flail mowers, box graders, stump grinders, excavators, compact track loaders, or any valuable piece of equipment on the job site.

Real-time GPS trackers can provide live locational data, driving records, mileage, vehicle speed information, and safe zone boundaries all with the easy click of a mouse. Many of these sophisticated tracking devices even offer a web-based monitoring platform so users don’t need to download any software. This is a useful feature because it can give business owners and asset managers the ability to access information on their equipment from any location! This is because the GPS tracking data can be reviewed on any system that has an Internet connection, including mobile devices! Skid steer portable tracking devices provide detailed reporting information and most importantly the ability to stay connected to such valuable assets/property.

Are Tracked Skid Steers Better?

Tracked skid steers are not necessarily better but the construction equipment with the best machine control system and grade control systems should be protected from theft. This is why no matter what type of John Deere or bobcat you purchase it would be wise to invest in a skid steer security system for anti-theft protection.

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