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Donald Trump GPS Tracking Muslims

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Could GPS Trackers Be Extreme Vetting

This has easily been the most controversial and downright insane Presidential election in the history of American politics. From the Democratic National Convention manipulating the primary process through super-delegates and downright lies to screw Bernie Sanders, to a unfiltered and insulting Donald Trump fighting his way to the nomination through a xenophobic, homophobic and misogynistic remarks with little apology. Yes this election is something both republicans and democrats can agree they simply want over. However, some of the comments on the Donald Trump campaign trail have many privacy rights advocates very concerned over a potential plan that could result in GPS tracking devices being forced upon Muslims in the United States or Muslims coming here as refugees who are on the governments’ “watch list”, making many fear a Trump presidency could be a second-coming of the red scare or shadowy time in American history when Japanese were unlawfully placed into internment camps.

GPS Tracking Muslims In America

Rudy Giuliani was thrusted into the political spotlight after the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in New York City on 9/11. However, Giuliani has been in news headlines lately because he has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump and is one of his advisors on terrorism. Although Giuliani certainly has some experience when it comes to the issue of terrorism, it was his words a couple months back about GPS personal tracking that have many concerned about an increase in domestic spying if Trump were to be elected. What Giuliani said that sparked the controversy was how he would completely support a plan that would require Muslims or those on the government watch list to wear GPS tracking units, and possibly be forced to have GPS auto tracking units equipped to their vehicles! Below is a snippet of Giuliani’s views on tracking Muslims:

“I would think that’s an excellent idea. If you’re on the terror watch list, I should know you’re on the terror watch list. You’re on there for a reason.” – Giuliani

What made the remarks even more controversial was that shortly after the comments on GPS tracking Giuliani essentially bragged about how under his run as mayor he had undercover agents spy on mosques located in New York City. In fact, the level of government spying on mosques in New York was so prevalent that it led to many lawsuits against the city. Making the situation worse is that the city had to settle out o court in many of these lawsuits resulting in taxpayers having to fit the bill for Giuliani’s illegal conduct.

Terrorism vs Spying

Ben Franklin was once quoted as saying those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither, and the idea that American citizens could be forced to wear GPS tracking units under the guise of our safety is a slippery slope. On the surface it sounds great that a person who the government believes could be involved in terrorist activities should be monitored 24/7, but the issue is being on a watch-list does not mean criminal charges have been brought against that person. That means they are losing Constitutional rights even though they have not been charged with a crime! How long does it take before the government watch list grows from a handful of Muslims suspected of having connections to terrorist groups to political rivals, corporations contributing to opposing parties or any American citizen a over-reaching government feels they want to spy on. It is a dangerous path that could have serious consquences and something voters must consider when voting in November.

Do you worry about Donald Trump spying on American activities or using Presidential power to potentially engage in unethical or illegal activities?

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