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Donald Trump Tracking Protesters

President Could GPS Track Protesters

Let’s be honest, everyone was a little shocked when television personality/business mogul/brash and sassy Donald Trump was able to pull out a win against Hilary Clinton in the United States Presidential election. Sure, Clinton was being investigated by the FBI, had a long history of questionable ethics and was about as charismatic as a rock, but Trump was probably worse. Trump attacked the media, used vulgar language and bullied his way to the White House even though he lost the popular vote. Unfortunately, the bullying and belittling of people that was the hallmark of Trump’s campaign has already been seen in the first days of his Presidency, as he as taken to Twitter to make negative remarks about the women who protested Trump the day after the inauguration. With many more protests on the horizon, some are worried that Donald Trump could use some of his newly acquired domestic surveillance stratgies to spy on potential protesters or anyone in opposition of his agenda.

Intelligence and domestic spying was on a scale many Americans had no idea about until Edward Snowden revealed the depths of the domestic monitoring. From accessing the cameras on people’s phones to the GPS tracking hardware in those same devices, Snowden showed that the intelligence community was really invading the privacy rights of Americans in the name of security. So the tools are certainly there for a man such as Donald Trump to spy on protesters or anyone who publicly criticizes the President and his agenda. The thought of a President wielding such powers is actually quite frightening but when a person looks more closely at the behavior of Donald Trump over the campaign trail and his first couple days of office the notion is not far-fetched at all. Let’s take a look at some of the things he has said or tweeted and why those things should be a concern.

1. “Why didn’t these people vote”

That is what Donald Trump said when talking about the hundreds of thousands of women who marched in solidarity against Trump. He minimized everything they were doing and insinuated that none of them voted. The Presidential move would have been to immediately address the situation and show respect for them acting out their Constitutional Rights.

2. “Million or million and a half people”

Trump was informed that hundreds of thousands of more people atteneded the inauguration of President Obama and this statement reinforced his view that he is always the best and always right. Even in the face of clear evidence, Trump refused to believe anything other than his own narrative.

3. “CNN is a total meltdown with their FAKE NEWS”

Trump has already set the ground work to attack journalists who report negative things about the administration or himself personally. If he is willing to attack credible news organizations and the people who work for them he most certainly might go after others such as protesters who engage in demonstrations against that administration.

Domestic surveillance is something utilized to enhance national security but it is very possible Trump could utilize those same tools that include going through emails, social networking accounts, utilizing real time GPS tracking technology and more to go after those in opposition of the administration. This is a very frightening thought, but hopefully Congress, media and the American people will continue to hold him accountable for the things said and done.