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Is The Garbage Truck Coming Tomorrow?

How GPS Trackers Are Helping People Locate Dump Trucks

Have you ever wondered when garbage day is in your area, or when a dump truck would arrive at your home? Naturally, this is something that everyone has wondered at some point in time. Whether you are new to an area or simply curious if a holiday will result in garbage pickup being delayed, having the ability to quickly find out where a garbage truck is located is an asset. This is also the reason why so many waste management operations are utilizing GPS tracking devices to enhance operations to keep customers in the know.

Garbage Truck Near Me

If you are one of the thousands of people who at one point in time used Google to search “garbage truck near me” then you are certainly not alone. Every day people have waste management needs and often times have more questions than answers. GPS trackers are changing this dynamic by allowing people to better connect with waste management operations. For example, think about all the common questions people have asked that could easily be answered if dump trucks simply equipped GPS tracking devices on their garbage disposal vehicles. Questions such as:

  • Do garbage trucks come on holidays?
  • Is garbage delayed for MLK Day?
  • When is garbage day in my area?
  • When does the garbage truck come in my area?
  • How many times does the garbage truck come?

Axle dump trucks (and medium duty haul trucks in smaller cities) are never the most consistent in terms of waste management pickup times. And they way cities are contracted with trash removal companies, you can’t even rent a Ford F550 or light duty dump bed truck to remove your own garbage! Even if you had a Ford F750 tandem axle mack dump truck with air brakes, it would not matter. The reason is that in many locations you simply are not allowed to rent haul trucks and drop off trash at your local landfill.

GPS Trackers: Find Garbage Service In My Area

When waste management operations equip their fleet of dump trucks with live GPS tracking technology they have the ability to locate every garbage truck working in the field, as well as the ability to share that data with customers. A real-world example of this would be as follows. First, a waste management company installs real time GPS trackers on all dump trucks. Secondly, data from the tracking devices is uploaded to a website and social profiles where customers can access it 24/7. The end result is a positive one in that customers can always instantly locate any waste management vehicle.

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