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How Much Surveillance Is Too Much?

About two years ago, a young college student named Yasir Afifi took his automobile into the shop to have some standard preventative maintenance done. When the auto-specialist returned with a black box in his hands, Afifi asked the mechanic what the device was. Unfortunately, the mechanic was not savvy in this type of gadgetry and simply handed the unknown device to Afifi, explaining that the device was connected to Afifi’s vehicle. After some online research, Afifi discovered that the unknown device was a GPS tracker. However, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) knocked on his door and asked for the real-time GPS tracking device back, Afifi realized that big brother was watching him.

The FBI has a very serious job to do, and any potential information about terrorist activities must be treated as a real threat. Although the FBI has not released any statement regarding why they were using GPS vehicle tracker technology to observe the man with an Egyptian decent, GPS tracking of potential “high risk” suspects or criminals is now a common practice by the FBI, as well as police departments. “Law enforcement applications of GPS trackers are fairly standard surveillance practices because the technology equipment gives the government or police agency the unique ability to observe driving activity in both a real-time and historical format, giving the agency detailed information about possible criminal activity”, explained a fleet management specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. Are you okay with government agencies using domestic surveillance techniques on American citizens?  

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