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FlashBack GPS trackers developed by Chicago-area LandAirSea Systems have been one of the top-selling GPS data loggers on the market this year. The online interface and detailed reports have really brought passive tracking technology to a whole new level of precision, helping companies track employees and everyday families improve driver security. GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that FlashBack GPS devices will be debuting later next month on their online store, and to kick off the new product launch will be offering a non-expiration coupon code that will reduce the cost of the no monthly fee GPS tracker from $199 to $179!

FlashBack GPS For Business

FlashBack GPS trackers utilize passive technology, meaning vehicle tracking data must be manually removed. This is completed by a simple download process where all historical driving activity can be viewed and evaluated. Driving activity includes information such as the speed a vehicle was going through  out the day, mileage accumulated by the vehicle, and lots of other information regarding travel history. The data is then stored on the user’s computer or on the LandAirSea cloud for a small monthly cost. This GPS tracking information is tremendously useful for businesses as it can be used to determine if a employee is operating company vehicles recklessly, mileage reports are being completed accurately and automobiles are always safe and secure.

FlashBack GPS For Families

One of the best things about FlashBack GPS trackers is that they do not require any monthly service fees or activation fees. This makes the GPS devices affordable and perfect for long-term usage among parents. The GPS tracker can be utilized to oversee teen driving activity, provide instant access of a vehicle if it were ever stolen and much more. FlashBack GPS trackers were also engineered with a magnetic mount in the housing so the device can easily be tucked away under a vehicle for tracking in secret! Since outside placement of FlashBack GPS trackers is pretty common among users, the housing was also designed to be waterproof. The waterproof housing will keep the car tracking device protected from rain, sleet or snow!

$20 Off Coupon For FlashBack GPS Trackers

Those interested in taking advantage of the online coupon for FlashBack GPS tracking devices can contact a sales representative vie email or phone. Simply mention this article and the non-expiring promo code “FLASH” and a GPS Tracker Shop associate will knock off $20.00 from the purchase of any FlashBack GPS device (limit 5 per order). Those with questions can contact support 7 days a week from 9:00a.m.-10:00p.m Pacific Standard Time for more help.

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