Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking Fleets

What really is it that makes a company successful? The good majority of businesses that have reached the pinnacle of their industry attribute their achieved success to two things: surrounding your business with the best employees and always putting the customer’s needs first. This simple and universal methodology can apply to any business across the globe. Although the methodology may appear simple, it can be very difficult to implement accountability and productivity strategies. However, through the use of fleet GPS tracking devices that task is being obtained effectively by businesses throughout the world.

A businesses greatest resource are the employees who work diligently to take that company to the next level. These are the employees who take initiative, maximize productivity and treat customers and co-workers as if they were family. This is the type of work environment or culture every business strives to create regardless of the industry they are involved in. Unfortunately, it often takes time to develop that workplace atmosphere in the same way it takes the pulling of a lot of weeds in order to create a beautiful garden. However, many businesses don’t have a system in place that allows them to measure efficiency and employ successful management practices, and that is where fleet tracking can be so critical to boosting operations.

GPS Fleet Tracking: What Can It Do For My Business?

  • Boost profit
  • Increase routing and dispatching efficiency
  • Provide a theft-recovery solution for company vehicles
  • Organize and log tax-deductible mileage in seconds
  • Eliminate wasteful fuel consumption
  • Shape employee safe driving behaviors
  • Audit employee productivity
  • Extinguish unauthorized use of company vehicles

Fleet GPS auto trackers are the only vehicle management solution that will cost fuel costs, increase employee performance, reduce company liability and improve safety.

Fleet Tracking Improves Safety

One of the most dangerous habits a driver can engage in is excessive speeding. According to automotive statistics, nearly 35% of all car accidents involve drivers who are speeding. Therefore, driving safety has to be a top priority of any company that has even one mobile asset. If an employee is driving a company vehicle and is involved in an automobile accident due to speeding, the company could be held liable for damages! Making matters worse is that many studies show excessive driving is a behavioral pattern among drivers, meaning if your employee is speeding it is likely the speed all of the time! However, safe driving studies also indicate that when employees are aware that superiors are monitoring driving activity, the employees are significantly more likely to adhere to the rules of the road. Therefore, by using fleet tracking systems your employees will not only be driving more safely in company vehicles, but you will also help shape and increase the safe driving habits of your employees!

GPS Fleet Tracking Devices: Accountability

Companies lose billions of dollars every year from employees moonlighting, doing unauthorized side work and not utilizing proper route management. This internal wasteful spending can have a direct impact on the bottom line. Thankfully, fleet tracking devices can provide the solution to employee accountability, increasing company profit and efficiency. Fleet tracking devices offer any business the ability to monitor personal and mobile assets operating in the field 24/7. The GPS trackers also provide historical information such as routes driven, mileage drive, stops made, duration of stops, time en route, time departed and more. There is no easier or more effective way of observing driving habits and holding employees that work in the field accountable for activity than through the use of GPS tracking technology. Whether your business is seeking a way to increase driver safety, boost customer service or create a way to audit employee productivity, fleet tracking systems can provide the ultimate vehicle monitoring and management solution!