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State Considers Using GPS Tracking For Taxes

With the recent spikes in gas prices, companies and consumers everywhere are taking every step possible to cutting fuel consumption. These steps include combining trips, utilizing better route selection and keeping up on standard vehicle maintenance. Although all of these efforts can help drivers improve fuel efficiency or even cut down on unnecessary fuel consumption, some people in the state of Florida do not think it is enough. This is because many Florida legislators believe that those who use the roadways more should pay higher taxes than those who do not. Enforcing a tax that would require those whose drive more to pay more used to be something that was impossible to do, but with GPS tracker device technology such a measure is more than a possible reality. And that is exactly what Florida legislators are seeking to do; have GPS trackers document the mileage Florida drivers rack up, taxing those who drive the most.

The Current System

The current system set in place in Florida charges all motorists approximately 60 cents per gallon every time they fill up at the pump as a way to fund maintenance and upkeep of public highways and roadways. This has been essentially a flat tax across the board the every motorist has had to pay. But imagine how much lower gas prices would be if that tax was removed? How much cheaper it would be to fill up at the gas station? This is what Florida lawmakers are trying to achieve, but in order to remove the gas tax they will need to put in some new tax system to pay for the upkeep of the roadways. This where GPS tracking devices play a role. Lawmakers are discussing that all motorists equip a GPS tracker device on their vehicle that will accurately calculate the mileage driven annually. With this GPS tracking data, each motorist would pay according to the amount of driving they actually did. This means those who used the roadways most would be required to pay more in taxes. This would also result in lower prices at the pump, at least psychologically speaking. Would you be open to a system that incorporated the use of GPS tracking devices to calculate miles driven on roadways if it resulted in more affordable gas prices?

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