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One of the best ways a food truck business can connect with customers is through the use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Although social media is a fantastic resource for food trucks to connect with hungry clients, the reality is there is no better tool for food truck businesses than GPS tracking technology. The reason why GPS tracking is so helpful for food trucks is because it allows those mobile businesses to share the location of each food truck out in the field. That means anyone looking for, “Food Trucks Near Me” can simply access the food truck locator powered by GPS tracking and quickly track down where the closest food truck is! This GPS tracking data can be shared on social media platforms, placed on a company website with HTML code, or accessible using a food truck app.

Food Truck Finder

Food trucks are independent businesses and therefore it is important they spend time both cooking up yummy meals and focusing on reaching customers. One of the easiest ways to connect with new and return customers is through the use of a food truck locator. Food truck locators make it easy for a person to know where is a food truck in Charolette, Reno, Houston, St. Louis or any location! The value of such a system is clear when you realize some of the most frequent food truck related online searches include:

  • Chinese Food Trucks Near Me
  • Greek Food Trucks Near Me
  • Mexican Food Trucks Near Me
  • Grilled Cheese Food Trucks Near Me
  • Vegan Food Trucks Near Me
  • Italian Food Trucks Near Me
  • BBQ Food Trucks Near Me
  • Dessert Food Trucks Near Me

That means people are hungry and looking for a food truck that cooks up their desired meal choice near them. GPS tracking helps bridge this gap by allowing food trucks to share where they are located 24/7 so those people can get food in their bellies!

Best Food Truck Finder App 2019

There are a lot of great GPS tracking devices on the market designed to assist food truck businesses share where they are at with hungry folks, but what is the best food truck app? The following list of mobile apps for food trucks are considered the top 5 according to downloads and customer reviews:

  1. Eat Street
  2. Food Truck Fiesta
  3. Roaming Hunger
  4. Road Stoves GPS
  5. TruxMap Lite Food Truck Map

Apps for food truck owners

In terms of apps for food truck owners, one of the best solutions currently is SilverCloud GPS which works alongside the popular real time GPS tracking product with the same name. This product and its free food truck app make it real easy for food truck owners to see where their trucks are located, how long they were at each place, and when they are on the move. All of this real time GPS tracking information can easily be shared with hungry clients while also providing auto-theft security for any food truck.