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One of the best things about working at a hospital, on a construction job site, or some other location in a metropolitan area where there is a lot of foot traffic is the abundance of food truck businesses operating in the area. Food trucks in LA, New York, and cities throughout the country have changed the way the lunch hour much in the same way sliced bread changed the sandwich. This is the reason some of the most popular lunch time online searches now consist of queries such as:

  • Greek Food Truck Near Me
  • Grilled Cheese Food Truck Near Me
  • Chinese Food Truck Near Me
  • Philly Cheesesteak Food Truck Near Me
  • Vegan Food Truck Near Me

Finding a food truck for wedding, an event, business, or some late night (post cocktails) reason used to be a challenge. In fact, it was really pure luck when people would stumble upon a food truck because for years food truck locators simply did not exist, but that has all changed thanks to GPS tracking.

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Food Truck GPS App

Food truck businesses looking to better connect with the customers have been turning to real time GPS trackers to share live location data of where a food truck is 24/7. How the process works is really quite simple. First of all, the food truck company equips a live GPS tracking device on the mobile restaurant. Next, the real time GPS coordinates are shared with customers through a website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, or some other social media platform. The food truck GPS app data can then easily be accessed by customers who will know where that delicious greek food truck, grilled cheese food truck, vegetarian food truck, or whatever cuisine that food truck operation is cooking up!

Is a food truck a good investment?

One of the most popular questions people thinking about investing in a restaurant style business ask is whether or not a food truck is a good investment? The answer is it really depends on the location. Obviously, entrepreneurs living in a small town might find it beneficial to open a traditional store-front location, but in the bustling city environment where rental space can be $20,000 a month or more, food trucks provide an opportunity to run a restaurant business without the heavy investment. The food truck business model also creates a lot of flexibility because the owner could set up the food truck at a busy senior center in the morning, large construction job site in the afternoon, and then maybe outside of a popular nightclub later in the evening.

Good food trucks near me

Anyone looking for the best food trucks near me should consult review sites such as Yelp to get the details on how good the service is of any food truck. Social media platforms such as Instagram are also great resources for up-to-date menu changes of a food truck business, and don’t forget to search hashtags to see some customer photos of what the food truck is serving up!