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Recognized as one of the industry leaders in GPS vehicle tracking hardware for businesses and consumers, GPS Tracker Shop has spent the past 4 years helping people safeguard their automobiles and personal assets. With real-time GPS tracking solutions capable of alerting parents if their teen driver is speeding, businesses determine where employees are driving at all times and law enforcement agencies track dangerous criminals, GPS Tracker Shop is the source for locational technology people can rely on. That is why the largest resource for coupons in the Temecula Valley is excited to announce the exclusive partnership with GPS Tracker Shop which will now offer FREE activation on any real-time tracking system purchased at their online store for anyone who prints or digitally downloads the GPS Tracker Shop coupon on Temecula Coupon!

Free Activation For Real-Time GPS Devices

Real-time GPS trackers are the most popular form of tracking device because they can boost auto-theft security, provide speed alerts, offer live locational information and notify people if a vehicle has left a safe zone. However, with all of those technological advances comes hardware, monthly service for data and activation costs. This cost though has now become a little more  affordable with the latest FREE activation coupon on any real-time tracker device offered at GPS Tracker Shop!

“We are proud to be working closely with such a great resource company as Temecula Coupon because of their dedication to saving people money”, explained the President of Marketing for GPS Tracker Shop. “With this new coupon promotion we hope that more people will take the time to leave more about live tracking devices and invest in the monitoring technology.”

The free activation coupon will save users $29.95, which is the normal cost of activating a live GPS tracker upon a cellular network. Temecula Coupon has officially launched this coupon and will continue offering throughout 2014.

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