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Getting A GPS Tracker For A Car

Data Loggers Present Affordable GPS Tracking Option

Getting a GPS tracking device for automotive monitoring can be expensive for those who decide to purchase real-time GPS trackers such as the popular Sync or SilverCloud GPS. However, there are a number of alternatives available that can still help provide small businesses and families with the vehicle tracking data they seek without breaking the proverbial bank. The solution comes in a form of GPS tracker known as the data logger, and the passive classification of system is allowing anyone to keep track of their automotive historical driving activity.

GPS data loggers are not real-time GPS trackers. This is the most important thing for small businesses and consumers to be mindful of before making a purchase. Therefore, data logger technology will not help a person if their car or truck is stolen, and does not give the user instant access to the location of their vehicle. Instead, this form of tracker device offers historical records of driving. This can be particular advantageous for those such as:

  • 1. Companies Wanting To Know Where Drivers Are Going Throughout The Day
  • 2. Parents Wanting To Check The Speed(s) Their Teen Is Driving
  • 3. Lovers Suspecting Infidelity
  • 4. Police Involved In Surveillance Investigative Matters
  • 5. Business Looking To Track Mileage Driven

GPS Data Loggers: How Passive Trackers Actually Work

Since GPS data loggers do not offer live locational information, the user must remove the car tracker from the automobile in order to observe historical driving information. Once the GPS tracker has recorded data and been removed from the vehicle it was tracking, all the user has to do is connect the GPS tracking device to a personal computer for download. The data transfer is completed via USB direct connect or download cable. Once the GPS tracking data has been downloaded to the personal computer, the user can observe all driving activity. Driving activity can be broken down into a detailed driving report, intuitive historical playback mode or simply displayed on top of the satellite imaging program Google Earth.

GPS Trackers That Save Money

The primary reason that makes GPS data loggers more favorable compared to real-time vehicle locators is cost. GPS data loggers do not carry any monthly service, which will save users hundreds of dollars annually. But another positive is that the hardware cost for GPS data loggers is as much as 33%-50% cheaper than the hardware cost associated with real-time GPS trackers. That means both the short-term and long-term investment in data loggers is substantially more cost-effective than real-time trackers. There are a number of other benefits of using data loggers that results in the tracker devices being so popular among consumers and small businesses that have not been mentioned. However, low cost for hardware and no service obligations are the primary reasons why people invest in GPS data loggers over real-time GPS trackers. There are a number of different types of GPS data loggers on the market so buyers need to make certain that research has been conducted before any investment in GPS tracking hardware is made. When it comes to vehicle location device technology there are a lot of different solutions for companies and families to select from so doing a little research and speaking with a GPS tracking expert is certainly a good thing. However, the most cost-effective option to date from car tracking is through the implementation of data loggers due to the more affordable hardware costs and absence of monthly data fees.

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