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One of the worst things to ever happen to iPhone users was an operating system update that resulted in the highly popular navigation app Google Maps being replaced by the highly flawed Apple Maps. This first version of Apple Maps had people everywhere who were used to receiving accurate and reliable navigational data from Google Maps instead lost en route to their intended destination. After getting bombarded with negative feedback from iPhone users about the Apple mapping program, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote an open letter of apology to those who were left with a negative experience. This apology set in motion a chain of events that resulted in the introduction of a brand new version of the mobile application Google Maps for iPhones. Excited that there was now an alternative solution to the poor performing Apple Maps, GPS Tracker Shop quickly jumped at the opportunity to test this latest navigational GPS app.

According To Google Maps:

Once the team at GPS Tracker Shop had downloaded the newest version of Google Maps to an iPhone 4 that would be used during testing,  the free mobile navigation app was opened and ready for use. The very first thing that happens once the navigational GPS app is opened is that the program uses the GPS tracking hardware in the user’s cell phone to pinpoint their current location. This is displayed using a blue dot that flickers on the mobile version of the mapping program. Since our team wanted to use the navigation GPS in a real life scenario, the experts at GPS Tracker Shop decided to utilize the app during a lunch break to see if the mapping program could locate and guide the testing team to a local restaurant. After Google Maps was opened and the mapping program located our position using GPS tracking, we touched the navigation arrow icon on the right side of the search bar. From their GPS Tracker Shop selected the “choose your destination” option, inputing the name of a local restaurant. The greatest feature of Google Maps is that mobile navigation GPS app is absolutely free for download for iPhone users. This basically means people can literally download the mapping program to their iPhones and use the navigation system without any cost or registration.

What the team at GPS Tracker Shop discovered was that Google Maps was incredibly accurate and provided simple data that made it simple for our users to move from position A to position B. Therefore, the review team at GPS Tracker Shop highly recommends mobile users download this mobile app!

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