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One of the most frequently asked questions people have is if the government can use a GPS device to track someone without violating fourth amendments’s rights. Lower courts stated real time asset tracking devices could be used without warrant, but the Supreme Court ruled that was a violation. That meant police needed to first acquire a search warrant before using any type of global positioning system or tracking software. Now that the rules have been established in regards to police using vehicle tracking technology, the practice of using information technology based on GPS satellites is commonplace. Below are the top 3 GPS locators used by government agencies and private investigators

Best Overall Government GPS Tracker


Smallest GPS Tracker

  • Used By FBI, ATF, And Bureau Of Land Management
  • Live GPS Tracking 24/7
  • Law Enforcement Can Easily Hide 4G Tracker Under Car
  • Magnetic Mount For Covert Attachment


SpaceHawk is one of the top-rated real time GPS trackers for fleet tracking and GPS teen tracking. This mini GPS with powerful magnet mount is also used by government agencies due to the product’s ease of use and accuracy. With this small GPS tracker location data is provided as fast as every 3 seconds (the fastest on the market). The best part though is that data can be accessed from multiple cell phones and the historical data is accessible for life. This means police can see where a vehicle was located earlier in the day, week, month or year. This makes it easy to build a case with the help of the GPS satellite tracking device. 

Hidden GPS With Long Battery For Law Enforcement

Everlast GPS

Live GPS Tracker

  • Used By Hundreds Of Sheriff’s Departments
  • Track A Suspect’s Vehicle Without Them Knowing
  • Lifetime Historical Access To Where A Suspect Was Located
  • Hide Under A Vehicle


Having a hidden GPS tracker with magnet is great for auto theft recovery, but it can be even more of an asset for government agencies trying to record evidence for long periods of time. What makes this GPS auto tracking device stand above others on the market is the extended battery pack that provides nearly 138 days of online GPS tracking. Location information can be updated as fast as every 10 seconds, and free technical support is available if your police department needs help setting the vehicle tracker up. 

Most Used Police Tracking Device

LandAirSea GPS 54 With No Subscription Fees

  • Data Used As Evidence In Federal Courtroom
  • Over 100,000 Units Sold
  • SIM Card Included 
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees


Commonly used for personal tracking applications and equipment rental asset protection, the LandAirSea was mentioned as one of the top mini GPS trackers by GPS Tracking Review and the Wall Street Journal. What makes this real time GPS tracker stand above other trackers is the fact it works in Latin America, the Middle East, and over 140 international locations. This is because the GPS vehicle tracker is equipped with a roaming international SIM card.

GPS Trackers: Why Government Agencies Use Them

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States of America made a ground-breaking ruling when it comes to the law enforcement use of GPS trackers. What the judges decided was that police had to first obtain a warrant if they wanted to place a GPS tracker on the automobile of a potential criminal suspect. After the ruling, it is estimated the federal agents working for the F.B.I. had to remove nearly 3,000 tracking systems that were placed on the vehicles of potential criminals. This is because a warrant was not obtained before those tracker devices were placed on the automobiles. Although the use of GPS trackers among government and law enforcement agencies has undergone many changes since the Supreme Court decision, the application of professional-grade GPS tracking devices to monitor criminal activity has only increased. 

At first glance, the thought of government agencies using GPS trackers sounds like a horrible invasion of privacy by Big Brother. However, many civilians do not understand the massive budget cuts that are impacting government agencies. This is the reason for the increased use of electronic surveillance. Here are some of the government agencies that call upon electronic devices to track vehicles:

  • United States Department of Justice
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms
  • United States Department of Homeland Security 
  • The United States Marshals Service
  • Office Of Justice Programs

When monetary resources are dried up, government agencies have a much more difficult time providing resources to investigate crimes. GPS vehicle trackers help these law enforcement agencies by giving the good guys the ability to monitor numerous potential arsonists, poachers, drug traffickers, and other criminals, even in the face of financial strain. That is why although the Supreme Court decision will force law enforcement to go through new procedural challenges in order to place a GPS vehicle tracker on a potential criminal’s automobile, it will not stop police from using GPS tracking systems.

“Police work is not easy and when budgets are being cut it makes the work that much more challenging”, stated a GPS specialist who works with numerous government agencies. “GPS trackers are able to bridge that gap by allowing police to still conduct surveillance and build evidence against criminals but without as many man-hours. This allows police to still do an effective job without too much investment.”

Businesses and consumers can access the same type of GPS car tracking technology used by law enforcement but it should be noted that these devices must not be used to violate the rights of others.