GPS Alerts Police

Panic Button Provides Peace Of Mind

GPS trackers are used for vehicle fleet management, monitoring children, observation of senior citizens, asset protection, teen driving safety, auto-theft security and more. This is because consumer grade GPS systems have become both cost-effective and user-efficient. Although there are numerous ways GPS tracking and navigational technology can improve daily life, it is the lives that are saved by GPS that really puts a smile on the face of all the employees working for GPS Tracker Shop.

Panic Button Can Save Lives

Real-time GPS trackers designed for personal monitoring such as the GPS tracking bracelet are engineered with a feature known as the panic button. What this panic button is designed to do is send out a call to law enforcement, a family member or friend if the person wearing the GPS bracelet is in need of help. Sometimes that help can be something as simple as the person being lost, stranded after auto mechanical failure or something much more serious. Regardless, when a senior citizen with memory problems or other adult with cognitive challenges is need of assistance it is great to have such a simple and user-friendly solution that would allow them quick access to help. “Recently, a customer contacted us about purchasing a real-time GPS tracker with a panic button”, a GPS Tracker Shop sales rep stated. “Her ex-husband recently tried to kill her, and even though she had a restraining order against the man she still feared for her personal safety. She knew if she had a personal GPS tracker with a panic button that could instantly alert authorities if she was in trouble (along with where her locational position was), that she would be both safer and more at peace mentally. It is unique situations such as this that GPS can not only give a person mental and emotional comfort, but literally could help save a person’s life.” The panic button alerting feature is totally customizable, allowing the user to choose the specific number they want the panic button to call. If the user wants to change the panic button emergency contact number all they have to do is send the device back for reprogramming. Although some people prefer to have the panic button contact 911 or local police, GPS Tracker Shop recommends that users first speak with their local law enforcement departments before programming them as the contact. GPS trackers are continuing to evolve and that evolution is resulting in faster, easier to use and higher performance tracking systems. GPS tracking systems that can raise personal safety and beyond.  

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