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When the calender flips to December it is clear that old man Winter has arrived. The beautiful orange and yellow leaves that once decorated Autumn trees are gone, and the cold brisk air has pushed many wildlife out to seek warmer weather. Although colder nights, slower work commutes and shorter hours of daylight are some of the aspects of Winter most people tend not to enjoy, the change also signals the start of snowboarding and skiing season for many outdoor enthusiasts. Winter means it is time to pull out that Burton snowboard from the garage and get her waxed up for some fun in the snow. That just leaves the boarders and skiers with the decision on which mountain or ski resort they want to visit, but that decision may have gotten a whole lot easier thanks in part to a GPS tracking app that accesses real-time weather reports and forecasts from locations all North America!

About AllSnow Mobile GPS App

AllSnow is one of the latest and most user-friendly sports apps designed for mobile communications. Available for free download at the Apple iTunes store, AllSnow is essentially a all purpose snowboarding and skiing app that provides the most accurate trails, real-time weather reports, snow conditions and even finds discounts on many local chairlifts. Not only does the mobile app make it easy to quickly find out the exact weather conditions at a persons favorite mountain resort are, but AllSnow also can act as a GPS tracker, recording everywhere a snowboarder carved up!

AllSnow Popular Features:

  • Snow Conditions Produced Daily
  • Expected Daily Snow Forecasts
  • Various Trail Maps
  • Discounted Lift Tickets To Popular Mountain Resorts
  • Snow Park & Ski Resort Directions & Routing

GPS Tracking & Mapping

Locational Documentation Of Snowboarding/Skiing Activity • Real-Time Reporting & Statistics • Interactive Mapping Showing Recorded Track History • Breakdown Of Snow Trails By Name

GPS Tracker Shop has numerous vehicle monitoring experts who love carving up the powder at local Southern California mountain resorts such as Big Bear and Mountain High, and that is why the GPS experts were quick to download and test the AllSnow app. Under testing, the mobile app was downloaded to an iPhone 4. When local resort info and weather conditions were accessed at our offices in Riverside County they appeared to be spot on and accurate. However, when that data was attempted to be accessed again while actually on the mountain the results were mixed. This probably had to do with spotty cellular coverage due to the mountainous terrain interfering with cellular coverage. Therefore, GPS Tracker Shop recommends for best results that users utilize the AllSnow mobile app in a area with decent cellular coverage. Our final thoughts on the mobile app were that all in all it had some awesome features, and since it was free for download their really is no risk or harm in people trying it out. The GPS tracking portion of the app was pretty limited compared to some of the more sophisticated real-time GPS systems or GPS data loggers on the market designed specifically for personal monitoring, but it was still somewhat fun to mess around with.

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