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Simply locking your car doors or investing in an alarm system will no longer assure your vehicle’s safety. Today’s car thieves are smarter than ever, capable of bypassing or even disarming nearly every variation of car alarm system available on the market to consumers and businesses. Although thieves may be crafty and clever, they cannot successfully escape when vehicle movement is being followed via GPS tracking technology.

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Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems

GPS trackers provide both consumers and businesses interested in automobile security the ability to access a vehicle’s location anytime, day or night. Through a couple of clicks of a computer mouse, anyone can have total and complete access to a vehicle’s driving activity and history. Having this ability gives car owners a significant edge over even the smartest of car thieves.

All of the GPS vehicle tracking data is viewed online over a digital mapping program such as Google Earth where live streaming updates are provided. Therefore, if a thief enters and hotwires your vehicle, driving off cool and casually, you can follow his every turn, stop, address arrived, address departed, and more. The GPS information can then be relayed to local law enforcement authorities. With reliable and accurate GPS monitoring data, police can easily navigate to and recover the stolen vehicle, putting the car thief behind bars.

Keeping your vehicle safe and secure has never been easier!

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GPS Auto-Theft Recovery Devices 

Time is absolutely critical to the safe recovery of a stolen vehicle. This is because many car thieves will quickly strip an automobile of valuable parts or inflict irreversible body damage, leaving the car owner with nothing but a shell of a vehicle and/or costly deductible to pay. Making the situation worse is that the victim may have higher insurance premiums going forward due to the auto theft. However, you don’t have to be a victim if you invest in GPS auto-theft recovery technology. This is because the car owner can access the exact position/location of their vehicle instantly with a GPS car tracker. Stolen vehicles can be found within seconds, making it easy for police to apprehend the criminal and safely return your automobile!

Auto-theft recovery technology has been directly attributed as one of the primary reasons why car theft has been on the decline over the past decade, according to a report conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

When keeping your family or business vehicles safe is a high priority, GPS auto-theft recovery devices are the best technological solution available.

Should I Be Concerned About Auto-Theft?

GPS automotive trackers may have helped significantly reduce the number of reported auto-theft cases in the last ten years, but that does not mean the problem is close to being solved. This is because in the United States approximately two automobiles are reported stolen every single second! Here are the vehicle colors and types that are most targets by car thieves. Cars that are the color blue, black, or gray are the most targeted by car thieves.

The Honda Accord, Honda Civic, and Toyota Camry are the three models of vehicles that are most targeted by car thieves.

Car Theft Prevention Technology

Most of us don’t pay attention to protecting our vehicles from theft. We just hope that with standard manufacturers’ theft deterrent systems all will be ok and that nothing will happen to us.

That is faulty for several reasons. First, by burying your head in the sand with this attitude, you become less informed and possibly an easier target. This is especially true if you live in major cities and towns. There are roving bands of thieves that do nothing but target vehicles that are easy to steal, strip down, and sell for parts on the black market. And, they are not necessarily looking for expensive or exotic cars and trucks. They want everyday, common vehicles because they are easy to strip and sell quickly.

The second reason that this is bad thinking is that it reveals apathy towards these issues. Theft costs everybody in the form of increases on insurance premiums (every insured person bears a piece of the pie to pay for the insurance claims for all). Also, theft costs money in the form of the time that it takes authorities to find and recover stolen items. Municipalities are having a very difficult time financially right now. They are looking for ways to cut lesser-needed services. The next step is tax increases. So, you can pay a little now or maybe a lot later on.

It’s a chain reaction that just keeps going hence, the need to take some inexpensive steps to help you prevent and recover from auto theft incidents.

Anti-Theft Car Tracking Device

Protect the most expensive items that you have. This includes your vehicles. GPS tracking devices have been in use now for years and have proven their worth many times over in being able to recover from theft, or more importantly, monitor them while they are in use.

Look for devices that allow you to see the location of your vehicle through a website. This lets you know where your car is at all times. Do you have a teenage driver in your family? If so you can monitor their driving and make sure they are following the rules of the road and rules that you have established for where they can and cannot go.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to protect what you have, just a little common sense. If nothing else, it is worth the effort to help you keep from becoming a victim.

What Is The Best Auto-Theft Recovery GPS Tracker?

Many vehicle-monitoring solutions can now be found online or even through local audio/alarm retail stores, but with so many different live GPS trackers to choose from the process of finding the appropriate real-time auto-theft recovery device can be challenging. This is why the GPS Tracker Shop spends so much time reviewing, evaluating, and testing GPS monitoring units, to bring consumers and businesses the top-performing products in the industry. After all of our stringent testing processes, there is no clear answer so if you are worried about your personal or company vehicles being targeted by thieves the best advice is to speak with a security expert on the different solutions available.

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