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Whether you are in charge of monitoring an entire fleet of vehicles, or simply in need of a way to ensure safe driving habits and driver safety, GPS auto tracking can provide the solution. GPS auto tracking allows parents to uncover the secret habits of their teen drivers, police conduct surveillance operations without going over budget and business owners to reduce internal wasteful spending, boost efficiency and maximize profit.

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What Sort Of Data Is Provided From A GPS Auto Tracker?

GPS auto tracking devices can offer government agencies, businesses, and consumers various critical reports that include arrival addresses, addresses departed, time(s) en route, speed-driven, mileage driven, stop duration and assortment of other GPS vehicle tracking data. The operator can access data about routes driven, speeds driven and more through these sophisticated reporting features when the motion sensors are activated through vehicle movement.

  • Mileage documentation gives businesses and consumers an easy way to organize and keep detailed records of tax-deductible mileage.
  • Speed alerts send email or text message notification of aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding. Speeding can increase company car insurance rates and is one of the main factors in auto accidents among teen drivers.
  • Complete vehicle operation driving activity reporting allows business owners and consumers to receive profiles and patterns of drivers, allowing users to measure performance and build incentives for safe driving and proper route management.

With full integration of Google Earth’s satellite image program, GPS auto tracking system users can get a consistent and visually pleasing view of driving activity. Passive GPS auto tracking devices allow driving information to be viewed second-by-second once the vehicle returns from its travels, and live GPS tracking units can be viewed live over a web-based interface or software application.

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As the GPS auto tracking industry has become more competitive and advanced, the technology has become affordable and accessible to everyone and anyone with a GPS tracking need. Now, businesses large and small with a need to protect and optimize their operations have turned to GPS auto tracking technology to cut waste and improve the bottom line. However, the monitoring technology has expanded from fleet management operations and has become beneficial to delivery and service companies with mobile assets, ambulances and other first responders and families looking to improve family security through teen tracking or elderly tracking.

GPS Auto Tracking Devices: Are They Simple To Operate?

There are multiple components that need to be in place for a GPS auto tracking system to be able to perform. First of all, any GPS unit requires the assistance of the network of Department of Defense satellites orbiting the Earth to calculate the position and other location-based data. Passive data loggers receive these GPS signals and log the corresponding location-based data to the tracker’s internal memory for download at a later time. Real-time GPS trackers receive satellite signals to triangulate position and other location-based data and then transmit the recorded information over a cellular network where the recorded information can be viewed live over the Internet.

Using a GPS auto tracking device only requires the device, accompanied software, and the Internet, assuming the GPS tracker is a real-time unit. All software was designed with the user in mind, with a heavy emphasis placed on simplicity. However, GPS Tracker Shop is always here to help, and that is why we extend free technical support for the life of the product! All technical support is domestic-based; meaning if you have questions you will NOT be speaking to a foreign call support center where questions and answers are pre-scripted.

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What GPS Auto Tracker Is Right For My Family Or Business?

The first thing we need to determine is whether your application requires a real-time GPS auto tracking device or if a data logger (GPS with no monthly fee) will fulfill your needs. With an impressive variety of GPS monitoring solutions with unique features available, the best strategy is to contact one of the vehicle tracking experts at GPS Tracker Shop to help guide you to the tracking system designed specifically for your needs.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you with your GPS auto tracking needs!