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GPS Device For Monitoring People Walking

Door-To-Door Sales Gets Efficient With GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are now commonly used among a variety of different business models to enhance productivity through increased management. This is the reason why limo companies, buses, airport shuttles and so many other businesses with vehicle management needs routinely utilize GPS tracking technology. The goal is to reduce inefficiencies while enhancing effectiveness in order to deliver the best possible service with the lowest investment. This is the reason why more businesses with employees who walk doing door-to-door sales and marketing are finding so much value in a new personal tracking device called SilverCloud Tag.

Personal GPS Tracker Offers Accountability

One of the biggest challenges facing so many businesses that call upon door-to-door sales people is the ability to document and manage employee performance. This is because once a person hits the streets the manager or supervisor has not had an ability to oversee employee activity. However, that has all changed with the development and release of a new personal GPS tracker designed specifically to monitor people walking or driving. SilverCloud Tag is a small personal tracker that measures 2.70 L, 1.50 W, 0.93 H in size, making it the perfect GPS tracker to carry in a pocket, briefcase or purse. The device makes no noise, provides roughly 10 hours of GPS tracking data and is uniquely compact to help anyone monitor a person walking. “We had roughly 40 people working door-to-door sales for our security company and we decided to look into GPS tracking solutions to help us determine how many houses each employee was able to hit and how long it took for the employees to hit 100 houses”, explained a marketer who employs staff to contact potential customers via door-to-door sales. “The GPS tracker allowed us to create groups where we could see the activity of employees in small numbers of 5 or everyone at that same time. But what was really great is that all of this real-time GPS tracking data was accessible from mobile phone, allowing us a streamlined approach to viewing employees.” Although the compact size makes the SilverCloud Tag ideal for monitoring sales people who travel door-to-door, children who walk to school or special needs kids, the sophisticated online mapping platform also makes this real-time GPS tracker a very efficient vehicle tracking solution. This is because the online satellite software can break down mileage driven, speeds a person traveled and so much more. The personal GPS tracker can even send out an alert if a automobile travels too fast! Those seeking more information on SilverCloud Tag can c0ntact GPS Tracker Shop for more details.

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