GPS Elderly Locator

GPS Tracking Devices For Senior Citizens

The old saying is that with age comes wisdom and experience, but for many senior citizens age also brings memory-related problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Memory-related disorders range in severity, causing a senior to forget where they left their car keys to more severe problems such as completely losing the ability to recognize their neighborhood or common surroundings. With memory-related problems affecting so many senior citizens, families everywhere are increasing elderly safety through the use of GPS elderly locator devices.

GPS Elderly Locators

Does Senior GPS Tracking Work?

The same satellite technology used in applications used for GPS tracking seniors has been utilized by law enforcement agencies, fire departments, ambulances, first responders and rescue teams for over a decade. Already long established as reliable tools that can help improve operations and save lives, GPS tracking devices have now transitioned into the consumer market to help everyday families boost family security and safety.

Families that recognize a loved one is showing a clear pattern of consistent forgetful behavior need to take additional measures to ensure safety. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a real-time tracking device to stay connected with your senior loved ones. Many seniors having difficulty living an independent life can be granted additional freedoms when GPS tracking technology is monitoring their movements. GPS trackers allow seniors to carry on with their everyday lives while delivering families and loved ones with the assurance that nothing bad will result from the senior’s memory-related challenges.

Real Time GPS Tracking Elderly

One of the most beneficial features that senior monitoring systems have is the ability to alert families and loved ones if a senior has wandered off or became lost, is attending scheduled doctors visits or safe within the confines of their own home. The GPS tracker is able to send these alerts via email or text message through a process known as Geo-fencing.

What Is A Geo-Fence?

Senior GPS Tracking Alerts

The best way to describe a Geo-fence is as a virtual boundary that can be programmed by the user around a geographical area as small as a house or as large as a country. When the virtual boundary is breached, an alert is sent via email and/or cellular SMS message to the person who set the Geo-fence. This helps GPS tracking seniors because these Geo-fences can be programmed to send family members alerts if a senior is wandering or lost. These Geo-fence alerts can offer certainty, security and peace-of-mind for both the senior suffering from memory-related problems and concerned family members.

What Is The Best Elderly Location Tracker For GPS Tracking Seniors?

For families interested in investing in a GPS elderly locator used for GPS tracking seniors the only solution is one that is real-time. If a senior is wandering, lost or in an unfamiliar area they can put themselves in harm’s way. Therefore, time is of the essence, and no GPS system can locate or alert a family faster than a real-time tracking unit. The experts at GPS Tracker Shop recommend the Look GPS Watch for families in need of a tool to improve personal safety and security of senior citizens.

Memory Loss Symptoms

Signs Of Alzheimer’s

  • Frequently losing or misplacing personal items. This can be something as little as the car keys to forgetting where the car is parked.
  • Retelling family member, friends or strangers the same story over and over again. It is one thing to relive important moments in one’s life, but when the same story is shared on an abnormally frequent basis there may be a cause for concern.
  • A general difficulty understanding the concept of time, forgetting what year a significant event happened or what year it is.
  • A general difficulty solving basic problems.
  • Problems with depth perception, reading or labeling simple things like colors.