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The old saying is that with age comes wisdom and experience, but for many senior citizens age also brings memory-related problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Memory-related disorders range in severity, causing a senior to forget where they left their car keys to more severe problems such as completely losing the ability to recognize their neighborhood or common surroundings. With memory-related problems affecting so many senior citizens, families everywhere are increasing elderly safety through the use of GPS elderly locator devices.

GPS Elderly Locators

Does Senior GPS Tracking Work?

The same satellite technology used in applications used for GPS tracking seniors has been utilized by law enforcement agencies, fire departments, ambulances, first responders and rescue teams for over a decade. Already long established as reliable tools that can help improve operations and save lives, GPS tracking devices have now transitioned into the consumer market to help everyday families boost family security and safety. This includes non removable tracking bracelets and car tracking device for seniors that can help enhance the safety of elderly persons.

Families that recognize a loved one is showing a clear pattern of consistent forgetful behavior need to take additional measures to ensure safety. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a real-time tracking device to stay connected with your senior loved ones. Many seniors having difficulty living an independent life can be granted additional freedoms when GPS tracking technology is monitoring their movements. Elderly GPS locators allow seniors to carry on with their everyday lives while delivering families and loved ones with the assurance that nothing bad will result from the senior’s memory-related challenges.

Real Time GPS Tracker For Elderly

One of the most beneficial features that GPS elderly locator systems have is the ability to alert families and loved ones if a senior has wandered off or became lost, is attending scheduled doctor visits, or safety within the confines of their own home or assisted living facility. The elderly GPS tracker is able to send these alerts via email or text message through a process known as Geo-fencing and can alert up to 100 different contacts. This feature alone makes GPS elderly locator devices a huge asset when it comes to senior personal safety.

senior gps trackerWhat Is A Geo-Fence?

The best way to describe a Geo-fence is as a virtual boundary that can be programmed by the user around a geographical area as small as a house or as large as a country. When the virtual boundary is breached, an alert is sent via email and/or cellular SMS message to the person who set the Geo-fence. This helps GPS tracking seniors because these Geofences can be programmed to send family members alerts if a senior is wandering or lost. These Geofence alerts can offer certainty, security, and peace-of-mind for both the senior suffering from memory-related problems and concerned family members.

Senior GPS Tracking Alerts

Senior care is a serious concern for families all across America. This is because as Americans age they require access to affordable prescription drugs, doctor visits, and housing. However, those health care challenges only increase when a senior citizen is diagnosed with a serious degenerative illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This is because senior citizens battling diseases that impact cognitive health require special attention and many have difficulty maintaining their independence. Independence is very important to all people even senior citizens facing medical challenges. Thankfully, real-time GPS tracking devices are offering a new feature that provides safety zones which will only help senior citizens battling degenerative mental disease hold more independence.

Geofence For Elderly

The technical term for the safety zone is known as geographical fence or geo-fence. How safety zones work is a simple process that combines the use of a senior GPS tracker and cellular technology to alert family members or senior caregivers the moment an elderly person begins to wander. This alert can be transmitted through text message to an emergency contact’s cell phone or sent directly to the inbox of the contact using email. Here is a breakdown of how safety zones are programmed to improve senior citizen safety

  • Senior puts on GPS tracking watch or bracelet
  • A family member goes online and sets safety zone using a satellite mapping program
  • When senior walks or drives past the safety zone an alert is triggered that notifies guardian, family member or authority figure that the senior is wandering or lost

Having instant notification when a senior citizen has become lost or wandered off is critical in ensuring personal safety and that is what makes the safety zone feature of personal GPS trackers designed for elderly care so awesome. “What we find is that the safety zone feature of GPS tracking systems is why health care facilities and families contact us, but once they realize the GPS trackers also provide real-time updates on location as fast as every 3 seconds they end up asking themselves why they didn’t invest in the monitoring devices sooner”, a specialist for GPS Tracker Shop who works with numerous senior care facilities explained. “This type of monitoring technology is saving lives and we couldn’t be happier that more families are feeling the benefits of GPS tracking.” As more and more people move into the golden years of their lives, GPS tracking technology will continue to improve in reliability and efficiency.

Until cures are found for all the degenerative illnesses facing elderly persons at least GPS trackers will be able to offer some form of protection and personal safety to those impacted by cognitive challenges. Senior security is the most important thing and safety zone features of real-time GPS trackers are enhancing that personal safety and security.

Best Senior GPS Tracker

What Is The Best Elderly Location Tracker For GPS Tracking Seniors?

For families interested in investing in a GPS elderly locator used for GPS tracking seniors the only solution is one that is real-time. If a senior is wandering, lost, or in an unfamiliar area, they can put themselves in harm’s way. Therefore, time is of the essence, and no GPS locator can locate or alert a family faster than a real-time elderly locator device. The experts at GPS Tracker Shop believe the best GPS tracking watch for adults is the Look GPS Watch.  Designed for families in need of a tool to improve personal safety and security of senior citizens, the Look GPS watch is a stylish GPS tracking watch for elderly that also can save their lives.

elderly locator Memory Loss Symptoms In Elderly

Signs Of Alzheimer’s

  • Frequently losing or misplacing personal items. This can be something as little as the car keys to forgetting where the car is parked.
  • Retelling family members, friends or strangers the same story over and over again. It is one thing to relive important moments in one’s life, but when the same story is shared on an abnormally frequent basis there may be a cause for concern.
  • A general difficulty understanding the concept of time, forgetting what year a significant event happened or what year it is.
  • A general difficulty solving basic problems.
  • Problems with depth perception, reading or labeling simple things like colors.

Anyone who believes a senior loved one may be showing multiple signs of memory loss should consult with a clinical professional and research elderly GPS locator devices designed for personal safety.

Elderly GPS Tracking Devices

One of the biggest problems facing the senior population is memory-loss and memory-related diseases. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, the more common and widely discussed memory-related problems affecting seniors, are degenerative problems that continue to cause and inflict pain on the people suffering from the illnesses. Although memory-related illness impacts individuals and families differently, there is no denying the stress that the diseases can cause. Thankfully, modern technology has been able to offer some small comfort through the use of elderly GPS trackers designed specifically for senior monitoring.

Real-time GPS trackers such as the SpaceHawk GPS offer families and seniors dealing with memory-related problems the comfort of position-based data. What position-based data can do is let families know the exact location of a senior who may be lost or wandering. The elderly GPS tracking technology is either permanently installed to the senior person’s vehicle, or carried as a portable personal tracking watch or bracelet. When connected to the vehicle being used by the senior the real-time GPS tracking data is instantly transmitted to remote servers where family members in different locations can all access driving activity! All the family members need to do is go online, enter a password and user-name and they will then have access to every location that senior drives, allowing the family to determine if the aging senior is still practicing safe driving habits.

For families more concerned about potential wandering this same elderly GPS locator can instead be used as a portable option that the senior person can carry with them like a cell phone. When in the possession of the tracker, every location that senior goes will be uploaded and viewable online. This is ideal for seniors who may be traveling or visiting places that are unfamiliar to them.

Car Tracking Device For Elderly

Senior safe driving tips and free defensive driving course for seniors are all helpful in improving driving skills, but what if family members are still concerned about their elderly loved ones? This is when families should consider a OBD2 GPS tracker that will serve as an elderly GPS locator for the car. How this real time GPS tracker works is it plugs directly into the OBD2 port of the vehicle so the user never has to worry about the battery life of GPS tracking device. The elderly GPS locator will then transmit live driving activity so family members can determine if their senior loved one is getting lost, driving too fast (or slow), and is generally showing safe driving habits. In fact, most experts believe that an elderly GPS locator should be used for every senior over the age of 70 as car tracking devices for the elderly are shown to enhance personal safety.

GPS For Dementia

An elderly man diagnosed with early on-set dementia agrees to move into a health care facility so he can be better taken care of. Although family members understand that this move may feel like a de-saturation of independence for the senior, the move is necessary to enhance their loved ones’ personal safety. The senior, aware he is becoming more forgetful, have no qualms about moving and looks forward to being around people his own age in a slower-paced environment. The senior adjusts to his new home and the family is happy that things are going well, but that all changes when they get a phone call late one evening. The phone call is from local police stating they found the senior man wandering alone stating he was going home. Somehow the senior was able to escape from his new senior health care facility and began to make his way back to his previous home. Situations like this happen every single day and sadly they don’t always end with the wandering senior being picked up by local law enforcement. It’s more than an anecdote because it’s real life for so many seniors with memory problems, and this creates a significant amount of stress for family members, caregivers, and loved ones. This is where elderly GPS locator devices are offering assistance.

What Is A Senior GPS Tracker?

Senior GPS trackers are location-based technological tools designed specifically for enhancing personal safety among the elderly and more specifically elderly people suffering from memory challenges. The most common form of senior GPS tracker is those designed as bracelets or watches that can easily be connected to the wrist of the elderly user. Senior GPS tracking devices provide the following popular features:

  1. Real-Time Updates On Senior Location
  2. Employment Of Digital Safe Zones
  3. Live Alerts If Wandering Occurs
  4. Mobile Access To The Position Of A Senior

Senior safety is a significant concern among those with elderly loved ones battling dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other cognitive issues that can lead to wandering behaviors. The reason is that when an elderly person engages in wandering behaviors they put themselves in a potentially harmful position. For example, senior living at a care facility in Fairmont, Minnesota wandered out of the facility and ended up dying from hypothermia earlier this April. A similar situation occurred to a Cambridge man in Ohio a little over a month before that as well that led to death from wandering then hypothermia. Sadly, these types of stories are much too frequent, but the most alarming part is that they can be prevented thanks to GPS tracking technology.

Live GPS Tracking

GPS For Wandering Elderly

When an elderly person wears a senior GPS tracker the live data from that device can be accessed and viewed 24/7. That means family members in different locations, as well as on-site caregivers, can easily see exactly where a senior is located by simply going online and viewing the GPS tracking data over a mapping program. The GPS tracking data can even be viewed on a mobile interface such as a tablet or cell phone giving those on the go easy access to locational data and the simplest avenue to monitor for personal safety.

GPS Tracking Bracelets Enhance Personal Safety

The days when GPS technology was solely used to navigate a motorist from one point to another is a thing of the past. GPS systems are now employed for fitness, fleet management, navigational and various security applications. GPS is helping rescue teams stay more coordinated, law enforcement conducts thorough investigations, parents keep a watchful eye on teen driving activity, companies reduce fuel consumption and now families improve senior safety. One of the biggest health care epidemics is said to be on the horizon as it is expected that the memory-related illness of Alzheimer’s disease will have a significant impact on the baby boomer generation. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease which there is still no cure for. This debilitating disease causes many of its sufferers to forget where they are at, who their family members are and where they live. This can be a very serious issue that can have life-threatening consequences. What many people do not realize is that as serious as the disease is for its sufferers it is almost equally as stressful upon family loved ones. With children, grandchildren, friends and other close relatives all concerned over the well-being of an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, GPS tracking bracelets are providing some form of relief.

GPS Bracelet For Alzheimer’s Patients

GPS tracking bracelets come in two different forms: security and standard. The security version of the bracelet is engineered to lock on to the user so they cannot take the elderly GPS tracker off. If the user attempts to cut the bracelet or remove it in any fashion, the GPS bracelet will send out a warning as part of the tamper-proof feature. The security form of the bracelet is ideal for senior citizens who have a much higher tendency to wander or become lost. Whereas the standard version of the GPS tracking bracelet is commonly used for senior tracking as well as monitoring of children.

Popular Features Of GPS Tracking Bracelets
  • Live Positional Updates Accessible By Mobile Phone or Computer
  • The Ability To Set Virtual Boundaries Over Google Earth
  • Historical Travel Logs To See Everywhere A Person Was
  • Real-Time Voice Communication

With investment in GPS tracking bracelets and subscription to the service obligations, caring families everywhere are having more access to the activity of elderly loved ones.  This additional access to positional data allows family members to be alerted the second a senior becomes lost or wanders, thereby promoting personal safety and senior security.

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