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  • Bust A Cheating Partner Without Them Knowing 

If you want to secretly track a car and need a powerful GPS tracker with a magnet, then we recommend a mini GPS called SpaceHawk. 

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Anyone located in the following cities near Lumberton, North Carolina can have a hidden GPS car tracker discreetly shipped to them so they can find out the truth! 

  • Hope Mills, NC.
  • Laurinburg, NC.
  • Fayetteville, NC.
  • Bennettsville, SC.
  • Southern Pines, NC.
  • Pinehurst, NC.
  • Rockingham, NC.
  • Florence, SC.

The use of GPS tracker devices among government and police agencies is nothing new. GPS is one of the primary methods by which the good guys can track spousal abuse criminals, DUI offenders, or people suspected of being involved with criminal activity such as drug trafficking or arson. That is why it is to no one’s surprise that more bail bond companies are investing in GPS tracking units. It is also the reason why the Affordable Bail Bonds headquartered in Lumberton, North Carolina decided to equip their vehicles with real-time GPS.

GPS Trackers In Lumberton North Carolina

What Are Bail Bonds Agents

Bond agents have pre-existing security agreements established with different officials associated with local courts. The bond agent will post what is known as a blanket bond for their client that essentially will be forfeited if the defendant fails to make their court appearance. The bond agent typically has established relationships with different credit agencies, banks, or insurance businesses. Therefore, when a person is held in jail with a bond, families and/or friends can post a smaller amount than the actual bond to get their loved ones out of jail.

Managing automotive assets is critical in every line of work and GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most efficient methods of monitoring those assets. This is because real-time GPS can offer automotive security if for example a company car is stolen, fleet tracking plans to help managers oversee what routes employees are selecting throughout the business day and so much more.

“We realized that it just made sense to have more oversight of our company vehicles and that is why it became a no-brainer to call upon a GPS tracking solution for our company”, explained a representative for Affordable Bail Bonds.

For more information on where a GPS tracking device is on a car please click here.

Affordable Bail Bonds decided to invest in one of the most highly-rated GPS tracking solutions on the market in SpaceHawk. With this real-time GPS tracking device monitoring their Lumberton fleet of vehicles the company will now have the ability to recover a car if it is stolen, determine if employees are not safe driving company vehicles, and most importantly that work is being done!

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