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What Is The Best GPS Tracker For Golf Carts?

Golf has a unique way of making people fall in love with the sport. Maybe it’s because the game is played outdoors among the fresh air, the quest for perfection that every golfer seeks when they pick up a club, or maybe it is just about spending time with friends while doing something relaxing. The list of endearing things about the game of golf is long, making it easy to see why so many people have fallen head over heels with the game. Unfortunately, golfers are also frequently the target of thieves, especially those who own golf carts. This is because many golf carts are not designed with the same security standards as common automobiles. However, golfers seeking to enhance vehicle security are now calling upon real time GPS trackers for golf carts and the results are very successful.

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Real-Time GPS Trackers For Golf Carts

How Do You Stop A Golf Cart Theft?

Golfers most commonly use GPS devices to determine the yardage to help them select the right golf club, but real-time GPS asset trackers are providing a new way of helping golfers in the form of golf cart security. This is because when a real time GPS tracker is equipped with a golf cart the golfer who owns the vehicle can access its location anytime. This means if a golfer has their golf cart stolen they can instantly locate the stolen vehicle. Basically, golf cart GPS trackers work with a few easy steps:

  1. Equip golf cart GPS tracking device to golf cart
  2. Receive an alert if the golf cart is stolen or moved without authorization
  3. Provide local police real-time GPS data to bust the thief and have the golf cart returned safely

The best part about golf cart GPS trackers is that they come in two different forms. The first being a standard real-time GPS tracking solution that will update every minute. The data can be accessed anytime from any mobile device or computer with the Internet with both live and historical data readily available. These devices, such as the SilverCloud GPS, require a monthly service fee starting at $29.95 per month. However, live GPS solutions without monthly data plans can also be used and activated only if the golf cart is stolen. These GPS tracking devices would be installed and then when/if stolen be activated for a one-time fee of roughly $9.95 for a handful of individual locates or pings. The great thing about these types of security solutions is that they don’t require a service fee until theft actually occurs. Regardless of the choice, a golf cart owner makes when it comes to investment in GPS tracking technology, the user-friendly online platforms, accurate locational data, and real-time GPS tracking make either of the devices highly efficient in boosting security. GPS trackers are now the go-to tools for enhancing automotive security and those automobiles now include golf carts.

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Golf Cart Theft Protection

Golf Cart Thefts Prevented 

Golf carts aren’t the first thing people might think would be equipped with GPS tracking systems but more and more golf cart owners have recently begun using GPS trackers to monitor their recreational assets. This is because some golf carts can cost tens of thousands of dollars and more! However, it’s not only golfers who look to gain more security for their golf carts by using GPS tracking, but also businesses. Golf carts are frequently used on construction sites, school campuses, security posts, and other grounds where quick mobility is essential, making them true business assets. These vehicles once only thought of as helpful in allowing golfers to navigate from tee box to fairway to green (with the occasional drive out of bounds) more easily are now critical for managers, security officers, and other personnel on the job. The only problem is that many thieves also recognize that it is nearly impossible for police and law enforcement to recover stolen golf carts. This is because, unlike stolen automobiles, golf carts aren’t traveled on roads and highways, making it a challenge for cops on patrol to notice stolen property while conducting daily observations. Criminals understand that law enforcement agencies simply don’t have the time or resources to commit a comprehensive investigation of a stolen golf cart and that is what makes the four-wheeled vehicles such a desirable target among thieves.

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Golf Cart GPS System For Theft Recovery

Protect Your Golf Carts

Real-time GPS trackers are frequently used among consumers and businesses seeking to upgrade vehicle security. Over the past decade, GPS anti-theft devices have become routinely used with high levels of success in protecting vehicle assets of businesses and families. This is why it was only a matter of time before the GPS monitoring hardware transitioned into providing a satellite eye over other valuable assets such as golf carts. This is because many golf carts now carry a high dollar value, resulting in many golfers taking steps to enhance security for those recreational vehicles.

“Equipping a GPS tracker to my golf cart was something I never would have imagined myself doing, but after hearing stories of golf carts being stolen in our area it simply made sense to take extra precautions”, said a golfer who now uses a live GPS tracker for his golf cart. “However, what was really cool was that since the GPS tracking data from my golf cart is accessible online, my wife or friends can see where I am at on the golf course anytime they want.”

Golf cart tracking might not be the next growing application for real-time GPS tracking but it does show the diversity in which locational technology is being used to safeguard a wide assortment of personal assets.

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