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2013 CES Reveals New GPS Trackers

Technology and gadget enthusiasts flock to Las Vegas every January for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to discover what the next great and cutting edge devices will be. With the rising number of personal GPS tracking applications, many GPS companies at CES showcased their latest innovative GPS trackers for families and companies. One of the more popular devices that caught the attention of the public was a tracker named “Im Here”, and many people believe it could be a game-changer in locational technology for personal safety.

Engineered and developed by an Italian company that made its name creating a Android smart watch, “Im Here” can be used in a enormous amount of different scenarios because of its pint-size. Since the tracker device was created so small it can be used by parents wanting to monitor their grade school children, travelers looking to safeguard luggage, companies desiring to better manage and about a million other things! The personal monitoring hardware will have a retail price point of $169.00 and with that purchase users will receive 200 free locates. Each real-time locate after will cost the user $0.05. During the press conference at the CES show the company explained the “Im Here tracker calls upon the same technology that allows cell phones to transmit information. This is why the “I’m Here” tracker is equipped with a SIM card, and why it requires users to pay for real-time locates. Basically how a user would use the device is simple. They place the “I’m Here” tracker  in a suitcase, vehicle or other object and if that item ever goes missing the person can ping the device. Once the tracker receives its ping the real-time location of it will populate on a map program that can be accessed in the form of a mobile app on the user’s cell phone or computer. Another feature that the “I’m Here” tracking device provides is an emergency panic button. This is a feature that is ideal for safety among parents wanting to give their kids a stealthy tool to send out an alert if their is a problem. Consumers can anticipate to see “I’m Here” on retail markets such as online spy shops and specialty stores toward the end of the second quarter in 2013. The GPS tracker device will also be available for international users at the same price point for hardware and real-time locates.

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