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If you have employees you believe are misusing company vehicles or suspect a partner might be cheating it is important to find out the truth. Currently, the best legal tool to bust a cheating spouse is a GPS tracking device. The reason is that hidden GPS trackers can provide specific addresses where a husband or wife is going as well as how long they were at each location. This means it has never been easier to be your own private detective and discover the truth! 

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City Of Fort Collins, Colorado Uses GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Data Of Spraying Results In Website Crash

GPS tracker devices are frequently used by cities all throughout the country, and even more frequently that data is being shared with the public to help keep people informed. Unfortunately, sometimes public demand for GPS tracking data can be overwhelming. This is what the city of Fort Collins discovered when it publicly shared on its website where insecticide spray trucks would be used to combat mosquitoes in the area. The city of Fort Collins felt that the public would benefit from knowing where trucks spraying insecticide were located at all times and what areas the city vehicles already had been. Therefore, they set up a page on the city website dedicated to sharing real-time GPS tracking data. However, the demand from the public was so great that online traffic spiked resulting in the website crashing. Clearly, the citizens of Fort Collins and surrounding areas desire to know where insecticide spraying trucks are performing work duties, but the city does not believe it will now be able to share the real-time GPS tracking data. This is because recent stress tests performed on the city website indicated that it will continue to be vulnerable to intense spikes in web traffic. Although the goal was to keep residents informed about spraying activities, the demand has simply been too high and the costs associated with developing the website to handle such large spikes in traffic would be cost-prohibitive.

Officials working for the Fort Collins insecticide program stated that temperatures in the area are expected to fall below 50 degrees in the next couple of days and that spraying may be on hold in some county-designated zones. Those seeking more information about bug spraying can contact the city of Fort Collins directly.