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GPS In Schools

Real-Time GPS Could Monitor All Students In The Future

Earlier this week President Obama moved forward with a highly controversial executive order that would significantly change the second amendment. The measure has been widely criticized because of how the President side-stepped congress in order to push his own personal agenda, but regardless of which side of the fence you are on in terms of gun control their is no denying that the tragedy that unfolded in Newtown, Connecticut was the catalyst for this move. School safety is always a passionate topic, especially after a school-shooting occurs and gets wide spread media attention. Everyone can agree that students should always feel safe while in a learning environment and that is why in the not to distance future students may be required to wear real-time GPS tracking devices so their location can be accessed at anytime.

GPS Real-Time Devices

Real-time GPS tracking devices provide instant locates on where a automobile, individual or asset is day or night, making them a possible solution for school safety applications. This is because tracker devices come equipped with sophisticated alerting features that can detect if a student leaves/arrives on campus grounds while always keeping school officials in the know on where each student is located. In fact, many schools have already been beta testing the use of tracking devices on students with a history of truancy problems and the GPS devices have been shown to increase class attendance and therefore increase grades!

How GPS Trackers Could Help Schools

Imagine for a moment that every student at a school was wearing a real-time GPS system. The GPS tracker was fashioned as a bracelet with a locking device so the student would not be able to remove the tracker until they got home. Now imagine if a terrible event happened at the school, whether it be a fire, earthquake or school shooting. With GPS tracking data gathered from the real-time bracelets, school officials, police or other authorities could quickly determine where all students were at and if they were safe. They would be able to speak to each student via the two-way voice communication feature and let the kids know where to go to receive assistance. The school officials or authorities would be able to accurately determine where all students were located and what students need special attention or medical treatment. GPS tracking devices have substantially dropped in cost over the past few years while the reliability and accuracy has only increased. Therefore, it will not be that long before school districts would be able to have the capital necessary to invest in personal monitoring devices for all students. Even better is that the units could be reused by new students every year because the GPS trackers are so durable. Although we have no way for certain to determine what the future holds everyone can agree that school safety should always be discussed. Students should never have to worry while attending class, and GPS tracking could be one of the tools to assist in enhancing student safety.

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