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Real-Time GPS Tracker Offers Live Tech Info

One of the most common questions submitted by companies or everyday families seeking a GPS tracking device is how long the battery-life lasts on a real-time GPS tracker. Since many GPS vehicle tracking device users prefer the option of portability, having a solid gauge on battery-life is important to maximize tracking time. Although the process of determining how much battery-life a GPS tracker device used to be a total shot in the dark, a new feature on SilverCloud systems allows users to instantly access system battery-life percentage via the web-based monitoring platform.

When a SilverCloud GPS tracking user wants to review either historical or live vehicle tracking data they do so via the online mapping platform. Basically, the user goes to a web page and with a pre-created unique username and password is allowed access to their secure, private GPS monitoring data. Once they are logged into the program (either by computer, phone or tablet), the very first thing they will see is a car icon representing the vehicle(s) they are tracking. If the user moves their mouse over this car icon they will be provided with real-time data of the position of the vehicle, if that vehicle is stopped and the battery-life percentage of the GPS tracker. This will allow them to instantly see how much power the real-time GPS tracker has left!

Setting Low Battery Alerts

The great thing about SilverCloud GPS trackers is that they come loaded with a number of cool alerting features. These features include virtual fencing, driver speed and now low battery alerts. Although virtual fencing and speed alerts have become fairly common features on most real-time GPS tracking devices, the low battery alert feature is something that is more rare. However, the fact the feature is rare does not mean it is not extremely advantageous to those looking to track a driver. In fact, people that choose to use their GPS tracker as a portable solution find the low battery alert feature to be critical. This is because the user can receive instant notification once the GPS tracker device falls below 10% battery-life, giving the user knowledge that they should probably begin planning to retrieve the tracking device. SilverCloud GPS devices can be permanently installed to the 12-volt electrical system of a target automobile, powered via the cigarette lighter port of a car or simply used as a portable solution. The multiple powering options are one of the ways that SilverCloud GPS is helping meet the needs of all families and consumers seeking a real-time tracking solution. However, it is the low-battery life alerts that are giving  those utilizing the tracker device as a portable solution instant awareness of when they need to recharge their GPS tracking devices. One of the most popular features of the SilverCloud real-time GPS vehicle management system is that the device has the ability to communicate with its users. What that means is the device can send out an alert or text message if for example a vehicle leaves a particular area or if the battery-life on the GPS tracker dips down to a certain level. The low battery alert feature is an amazing tool for those looking to use the tracking device as a portable solution and want to know when the system will likely stop reporting data. Low battery alerts can easily be set using the SilverCloud online platform and the alerts can be programmed to notify multiple contacts. By going online any time, SilverCloud users can see where the battery life is of their device or they can simply have the real-time GPS tracker set to transmit an alert via text or email. But for those needing a portable tracking solution and need far greater battery life another option is to invest in the SilverCloud Overdrive. What makes SilverCloud Overdrive different from the original version of the famous GPS tracker is simple: battery life. SilverCloud Overdrive offers roughly 4x more battery power than its predecessor making the device ideal for law enforcement surveillance or any type of application that requires long-term battery life. There are a lot of different options available when it comes to GPS tracking so those with questions or concerns about battery life should contact a vehicle tracking expert for more information.  

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