GPS System For Catching Cheaters

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Cheating Spouses Caught With GPS Trackers

Technology has made all our lives easier. It has allowed us to conduct work in a office setting, talk with friends while being mobile and of course made it simple to connect and share information. Unfortunately, long office hours, time apart from loved ones and social media addiction have also all contributed toward people engaging in acts of infidelity. Cheating has been going on ever since the existence of romantic relationships, but catching a cheater has never been more simple due to the advancement of personal and automotive monitoring devices. Devices such as the GPS tracker.

GPS trackers, whether real-time or data loggers, have been helping catch cheating lovers for over a decade. This is because the highly accurate satellite monitoring devices can offer up concrete evidence about where a person is going, the length of time they were at each location and more. Information that can easily validate or refute claims a lover said they were. So lets paint a quick scenario that happens every single day and then show how GPS tracking technology would play a role in providing a person information. After seeing his wife become slightly distant, checking her Facebook page more often and becoming more secretive about her day-to-day activity, the husband begins to feel something is wrong. He sees his wife has working longer at night and now she has downloaded an app for her mobile phone called SnapChat that makes it easy to delete and hide text or photo messages. Wanting to get to the bottom of what is going on the husband decides to invest in a GPS data logger to record the historical driving activity of his wife’s vehicle.

How To Catch A Cheat With GPS

Popular GPS trackers such as GPS Tracking Key designed to bust cheating lovers or spouses only require three simple steps to operate. All the person suspecting infidelity has to do is place the GPS tracker on the car of the person they believe is cheating, (after the device has recorded data) remove the GPS tracker from the car and finally connect the GPS tracker to a computer to review the recorded tracking data. This GPS tracking data, which can be displayed in a number of formats including in text reports or superimposed over satellite image programs like Google Earth, is accurate up to 2.5 meters while logging locational data every single second! With this GPS tracking data, any spouse who believes they are being cheated on can find the truth about the activity of their partner.

Ethics Of Spouse Tracking

Is it ethically wrong to check your spouse’s email accounts? Is it wrong ethically wrong to view your spouse’s Facebook profile page? Those questions are something that each individual must answer for themselves, but everybody can agree that the act of cheating is ethically and morally wrong. A same person wouldn’t just place a GPS vehicle tracker on their spouse’s automobile for no reason. Clearly, a person must first have suspicions ahead of time for a long time before they would ever even consider putting a GPS tracker on the automobile of their spouse. Sort of how law enforcement wouldn’t place a GPS tracker on a suspect’s vehicle unless they believed that person was engaged in unlawful activity. However, at the end of the day the individual needs to come to terms with their own set of ethics and morals, and also be accountable for the decisions they make. The husband places the GPS tracker on his the vehicle his wife drives, leaves it on for a week, then takes the tracking device off to download the information. Once the GPS tracking data is uploaded to his computer he sees something interesting; visits to restaurants they never went to together and a few stops at a home address that is unknown to him. With this information he confronts his wife and learns that his hunch was sadly correct, that his wife has been having an affair with him. Cheating happens every single day and most cheaters are doing everything possible to cover up their tracks. That is where technology can assist because the monitoring technology can provide validation and peace of mind to anyone questioning the status of their relationship.

GPS systems for catching cheaters are easy to use and most importantly can offer the truth. And that is all anyone in a relationship could ever ask for.

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