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GPS Tracker For Air Conditioning Unit

GPS Tracker For Air Conditioning Unit

Protect Your AC Units From Theft With GPS Security: Air Conditioner Tracker

When HVAC companies research GPS tracking devices it is usually for the purpose of fleet management. Think, realtime GPS tracking on service vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and improve fleet efficiency. Although GPS technologies are a great tool for fleet tracking, in this article we will discuss how wireless tracking systems are being used for theft prevention. Now, let’s go over how GPS systems for HVAC companies are helping with theft recovery of stolen AC units from construction sites, and the best realtime GPS tracking device for air conditioning unit security!

Best HVAC GPS Tracking Solution 

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  • Best Tracking System For HVAC Anti Theft
  • Always Know Where Your Equipment Is 24/7
  • Get GPS Personal Alerts When AC Unit Is Moved

SpaceHawk is an asset tracker designed for tracking vehicles, cars, and even AC units. What makes this product one of the best GPS tracking solutions on the market for homebuilders and HVAC companies is its versatility. Let us explain in more detail! First of all, SpaceHawk can be used as a GPS vehicle tracker for fleet management, allowing an HVAC business to always know where service trucks are located. Secondly, the mini GPS can be used for equipment tracking, making it an exceptional tool for air conditioner theft prevention and recovery.

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How To Use GPS To Prevent Air Conditioning Theft 

So how exactly can an HVAC GPS help you protect your central air equipment? First, you will want to equip a hidden GPS asset tracker on the unit or units you want to protect. Most portable devices are small, waterproof, and engineered with powerful magnet mounts that make it easy to equip the GPS to your equipment. Once the wireless tracker is attached, turn it on and activate it using the manufacturer’s instructions. You will then want to use the mobile app to check that the tracker is transmitting its location.

To monitor your AC unit and receive alerts if it moves outside of a designated area, you will want to set up a geofence . Basically, this is creating a safe zone using the GPS tracking app or website. A geofence is a virtual boundary that you create around the area where your AC unit is located, such as a construction site With a geofence in place, you can monitor the location of your AC unit in real-time and receive alerts if it moves outside of the safe zone. This allows you to quickly respond and take action if thieves try and steal your equipment. The whole process is super easy, and the mini magnetic GPS trackers cost less than $100!

Please note that GPS systems require a small monthly fee for data

7 Tips For Preventing AC Unit Theft On Construction Sites

Want to know the truth? Construction sites are vulnerable to AC theft due to a lack of security measures and the presence of valuable equipment. However, the good news is there are some easy ways you can increase theft prevention! In this section, we will discuss 7 simple tips that you can use to prevent AC theft on your construction site!

  1. Install security cameras and alarms
  2. Regularly check equipment and secure it with locks
  3. Hire security personnel to monitor the site
  4. Keep track of equipment inventory and serial numbers
  5. Educate workers on theft prevention and reporting suspicious activity
  6. Park AC units in secure, well-lit areas
  7. Secure AC units to the ground with chains or locks – also consider GPS asset tracking systems

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GPS Tracker For Air Conditioning Unit
GPS Tracker For Air Conditioning Unit

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Common Is Theft On Construction Sites?

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, construction sites are among the top 10 locations for equipment theft, with an estimated cost of $300 million to $1 billion per year in the United States alone. Construction companies have been improving security on job sites with the assistance of security equipment, but theft remains a persistent problem that requires ongoing attention and preventative measures. Why? The presence of copper wiring and pipes, air conditioning units and heavy machinery can all be sold for scrap. This makes construction sites attractive targets for thieves.

How Does Geofencing Help Prevent AC Theft?

With geofencing, you can set up a virtual boundary around the area where your AC units are located and receive SMS and email alerts if they move outside of the boundary. This way, if your air conditioning unit is stolen, you can quickly respond by notifying the police, reducing the risk of theft. Also, the personal tracking data from the asset tracking device can be used as evidence in the event of theft. 

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